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Successes & News

Bella Teeva ’21
We are proud of the Smithies who have been offered nationally and internationally competitive fellowships, scholarships and awards, and we admire every individual who has applied for a competitive fellowship. The application itself represents completion of a long collaborative process between students and advisers. We are grateful to faculty, staff and others who rally around candidates to advise and mentor, write letters of recommendation and review applications.

Fulbright Success Rate

In the last five years, 49 percent of Fulbright applicants have been offered awards, and almost 80 percent of applicants demonstrate just how competitive they are by reaching the semi-finalist stage.

Recent Fellowships Successes

Check this page regularly for the latest news about applicants, awardees and happenings.


Smith College’s 2022 Fulbright Scholar Emily Paule’22 will arrive in Taiwan this fall, embarking on an English teaching assistantship.

  • Cody Bloomfield '22 was selected as a Carnegie Gaither Junior Fellow for the Russia and Eurasia Program.
  • Ibuki Sugiura '22J will pursue a master’s degree in climate science at the University of Hamburg with the support of a DAAD Study Scholarship.
  • Audrey Cho '24 (Environmental Science & Policy) was awarded the prestigious Udall scholarship which recognizes undergraduate students committed to issues relating to the environment. 
  • Helen Danielson '22 (Engineering) and three alums were selected as 2022 NSF Graduate Research Fellows. Each fellow is recognized for their achievements and potential in research and receives funding for three years of graduate school. Read about Helen in the Grécourt Gate profile.
  • Liam Knight AC ’23J  (Mathematics) and Vivien Qiao '23 (Biochemistry) were awarded the Goldwater Scholarship in recognition of their academic achievements and progress toward their research goals. Read about Liam and Vivien in this Grécourt Gate profile of our Goldwater scholars.
  • Have we missed a recent awardee? Let us know the details.

Fellowships By the Numbers



Since fall of 2016, at least 568 Smithies have applied for prestigious national and international fellowships.



Just last academic year alone (2021–22), 21 alums applied for nationally and internationally competitive fellowships.



The number of Smithies awarded fellowships since fall 2016, including Fulbright, Gates Cambridge, Goldwater, Marshall, NSF Graduate Research, Rangel, Pickering, Truman and Udall.

Fulbright Achievements

Smith College has one of the strongest U.S. Student Fulbright programs in the country. In addition to demonstrating Smith’s global reach, Smithies’ success in carrying out projects in over 40 distinct fields of research illustrates the strength of the curriculum as well as the extraordinary talents of Smith students, faculty and staff.


9 Fellows, 3 Alternates, 19 Semi-Finalists, 28 Candidates


11 Fellows (includes 1 alum who applied via her graduate school + 3 re-applicants who were offered prior year deferrals at the semi-finalist stage of the current competition), 3 Alternates, 20 Semi-Finalists, 24 Candidates


16 Fellows, 1 Alternate, 21 Semi-Finalists, 25 Candidates


15 Fellows, 2 Alternates, 20 Semi-Finalists, 24 Candidates

17 Fellows, 1 Alternate, 24 Semi-Finalists, 31 Candidates

14 Fellows, 4 Alternates, 26 Semi-Finalists, 37 Candidates

19 Fellows, 2 Alternates, 28 Semi-Finalists, 43 Candidates

20 Fellows, 5 Alternates, 31 Semi-Finalists, 42 Candidates

15 Fellows, 4 Alternates, 27 Semi-Finalists, 37 Candidates

25 Fellows, 4 Alternates, 32 Semi-Finalists, 42 Candidates

19 Fellows, 3 Alternates, 28 Finalists, 42 Candidates

19 Fellows, 5 Alternates, 29 Semi-Finalists, 40 Candidates

16 Fellows, 1 Alternate, 19 Semi-Finalists, 27 Candidates

14 Fellows, 3 Alternates, 21 Semi-Finalists, 36 Candidates

17 Fellows, 2 Alternates, 23 Semi-Finalists, 32 Candidates

14 Fellows, 3 Alternates, 19 Semi-Finalists, 30 Candidates

17 Fellows, 1 Alternate, 21 Semi-Finalists, 23 Candidates

14 Fellows, 2 Alternates, 21 Semi-Finalists, 30 Candidates

9 Fellows, 1 Alternate, 14 Semi-Finalists, 28 Candidates

8 Fellows, 2 Alternates, 12 Semi-Finalists, 27 Candidates

5 Fellows, 1 Alternate, 6 Semi-Finalists, 10 Candidates

Fulbright By the Numbers



Since Smith introduced a Fulbright advising program in 2001, candidates have been offered Fulbright fellowships to more than 80 countries.

Fields of Study


Smithies have pursued Fulbright fellowships in more than 40 fields, including agriculture, biology, chemistry, dance, economics, education, engineering and physics.


Top 3

In 16 of the last 18 years, Smith has ranked in the top 3 nationally among liberal arts colleges for the number of Fulbright U.S. student awards.

Fulbright Recipients


More than 300 Smithies have been offered Fulbright awards between 2002 and 2022.