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Tyler Kynn

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Tyler Kynn (he/him/his) is a doctoral candidate in the Department of History at Yale University. He received his bachelor’s degree in Middle Eastern history from the University of Minnesota and his master’s in Middle Eastern history from Central European University. His dissertation project is titled “Encounters of Islam and Empire: The Hajj in the Early Modern World,” which investigates issues of identity and empire surrounding the global hajj (Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca) in the early modern Islamic world using GIS, Ottoman archival material, and Muslim travel narratives from Morocco to India. His research interests revolve around issues of identity and loyalty (confessional, ethnic, imperial) in the early modern Islamic world, hajj travel accounts, interimperial travelers and the 17th-century Ottoman, Safavid and Mughal Empires. Kynn is also the co-creator of the Middle East history professionalization podcast called Project Wasta Podcast.

He is teaching two courses at Smith College in the fall of 2019 in the Department of Middle East Studies:

  • MES 224 The Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Empire from 1299–1918
  • MES 223 Mobility and the Middle East: Pilgrims and Nomads to Migrants and Refugees (1500 to the Present)