Sarah Lass

Teaching Fellow in Dance

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Originally from Denver, Colorado, Sarah Lass sees dance as a generative and reflective force in the reimagining and reconstruction of the world. Her creative and scholarly research cuts across disciplines, including physiology, somatics, philosophy, feminist theory, landscape studies and creative writing. 

Her current work has been shaped by the study of improvisation, Contact Improvisation and Klein Technique. As a teacher, she is dedicated to a reflexive approach to movement education, with the goal of strengthening individual understandings of identity, agency and community.

Before arriving at Smith, she worked as a freelance performer in New York. There, she cultivated significant experience in arts administration, working with Movement Research and other nonprofit arts organizations. 

In October 2017, she is presenting a paper, “Gender as Hyperreality: Bringing Performativity and Spectatorship in The Co(te)lette Film into Focus,” in the joined meeting of the Society of Dance History Scholars and the Congress for Research on Dance, at Ohio State University. 

Lass graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Kenyon College in 2013 with a degree in Russian area studies.