Paramjeet Pati

Picker Professor of Practice (Engineering)

Smith College

Contact & Office Hours

Ford Hall 250



Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

M.S., Michigan State University

B.C.E., Utkal University, India


Paramjeet Pati is an environmental engineer studying the impacts and sustainability of emerging technologies. His research interests include life cycle assessment of nanotechnology, precious metal recovery from waste streams (such as e­waste), integrated energy­water- environment nexus analyses for designing sustainable and resilient human habitats, and sustainability assessment of green energy technologies.

Before pursuing his graduate studies, Pati worked in the petrochemical industry in India as a process engineer. His graduate research involved sustainability assessment of Jatropha­based biodiesel and life cycle assessment of gold nanoparticle production and recycling.

Environmental challenges are intimately intertwined with socioeconomic issues; the two cannot be addressed in isolation. Pati is deeply interested in incorporating socioeconomic and ethical considerations into engineering solutions and design choices.

Selected Publications

Leng, W., Pati, P., & Vikesland, P. J. (2015). Room temperature seed-mediated growth of gold nanoparticles: mechanistic investigations and life cycle assessment. Environmental Science: Nano.

Pati, P., McGinnis, S., & Vikesland, P. J. (2014). Life cycle assessment of "green" nanoparticle synthesis methods. Environmental Engineering Science, 31(7), 410­420.

Masten, S., Simpson, B., Hengemuehle, S., Pati, P., Alpatova, A., Dembele, B., & Yokoyama, M. (2015). Removal of phorbol ester from jatropha seedcake using ozonation and solar irradiation. Ozone: Science & Engineering, 37(1), 29­35.

Selected Honors and Awards

The American Chemical Society Graduate Student Award in Environmental Chemistry (Division of Environmental Chemistry) (2015)

Pratt Engineering Fellowship, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Virginia Tech (2010)