Nuru Stracey

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Nuru Stracey

Contact & Office Hours

Ford Hall 311


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison

B.S., Yale University


Nuru Stracey is originally from Botswana and is an avid inorganic chemist. Her graduate work was focused on the use of spectroscopic (Magnetic CD, EPR and resonance Raman) techniques and computational (DFT) methods to study a variety of bioinorganic systems. This combined research approach allows for a molecular level understanding of the ground and electronic excited state properties of systems.

Selected Publications

Abeer H. Obaid, Nuru G. Stracey, Christopher D. Incarvito, Brandon Q. Mercado and Jonathan Parr, "Transfer hydrogenation of ketones catalyzed by complexes of ruthenium(II) with the heterotridentate [P,N,O] ligands (S)-2-[{2-(diphenylphosphanyl)benzylidene}amino]propan-1-ol, (S)-2-[{2-(diphenylphosphanyl)benzyl}amino]propan-1-ol or the [P,N,S] ligand (S)-2-(dimethylamino)-1-(diphenylphosphino)-3-(methylthio)propane", J. Organometallic Chem., 2017, 830, pp74–84.

Anne A. Fischer, Nuru Stracey, Sergey V. Lindeman, Thomas C. Brunold, and Adam T. Fiedler, "Synthesis, X-ray Structures, Electronic Properties, and O2/NO Reactivities of Thiol Dioxygenase Active-Site Models", Inorg. Chem., 2016, 55 (22), pp 11839–11853.