Nadya Sbaiti

Assistant Professor of History

Contact & Office Hours

Wright Hall 229



Ph.D., M.A., Georgetown University

B.A., Tufts University


Nadya Sbaiti specializes in the social and cultural histories of the modern Middle East. She is currently working on a book manuscript titled "Gender, Education, and Nation in Mandate Lebanon," (forthcoming), which examines the central role of education to the formation of multiple national narratives and the production of history in Lebanon under French mandate.

Additional research interests include spatial manifestations of colonial and national projects, colonial methods of social control through prisons and asylums, the production of history as both discursive and material practice, tourism and heritage, and contemporary popular culture (music, film, game shows and reality television).

Sbaiti has served as co-editor of the peer-reviewed Arab Studies Journal since 2005, and she helped produce the acclaimed documentary film About Baghdad (2004).

Selected Publications

Sbaiti's recent publications include “‘If the Devil Spoke French’: Strategies of Language and Learning in French Mandate Beirut,” about the cultural and political significance of language of instruction in French mandate Beirut (2010), and she has written articles that guide researchers through Lebanon’s postwar archival terrain.

Co-editor, Arab Studies Journal.