Mukaram Hhana

McPherson/Eveillard Postdoctoral Fellow

Mukaram Hhana

Contact & Office Hours

Spring 2018
Tuesday and Thursday,
noon–1 p.m.
And by appointment.

10 Prospect Street #301


Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania


Mukaram Hhana specializes in Ottoman and Middle Eastern history with a focus on empires. By juxtaposing the narrative of the sea and sand of the Maghreb, her work attempts to break down the sharp delineations that have traditionally dissected the history of Ottoman North Africa from the continent on which it existed and the empire in which it operated.

She is currently working on a manuscript, "Commandeering Empire: Egypt, Tripoli, and Tunis during the Age of Revolution, 1774-1835." This research will focus on the role of provincial elites, the maritime network of the corsairs, and the desert networks of Bedouins and the trans-Saharan caravans in shaping the imperial transformations of the age. Theoretically, this research aims to better understand the issues of conflict, governance and resistance by reexamining how history, the modalities of empire and local knowledge have shaped our concepts of space and region. During an era when imperial expansions were transforming into colonial practices, and local systems of knowledge transmuted into networks of resistance across a geographically diverse space, her work ultimately breaks down the historiographically dominant, but historically anachronistic, divides that have (mis)shaped our understanding of the Ottoman Maghreb, the Mediterranean and the Sahel.