Laura Kalba

Associate Professor of Art

Laura Kalba

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Hillyer Hall 314



Ph.D., University of Southern California, Los Angeles

M.A., McGill University

B.A., Concordia University


Laura Kalba's teaching and research focus primarily on modern European art, architecture and popular commercial culture.

Her first book, Color in the Age of Impressionism: Commerce, Technology, and Art (Penn State University Press, 2017), examines the impact of new color technologies on French visual and material culture, from the early commercialization of synthetic dyes to the Lumière brothers' perfection of the autochrome color photography process. Some of her research on this topic has appeared in RepresentationsModernism/ModernityHistory and Technology, as well as the exhibition catalog Awash in Color: French and Japanese Prints (2012).

In 2012, she worked as a curatorial consultant for the Smith College Museum of Art's exhibition Debussy's Paris: Art, Music, and Sounds of the City. And, in 2014, she helped organize an AALAC-funded two-day symposium on the theme Visual Studies in the Liberal Arts.

Tentatively titled Currencies: Symbolism and Signification in the Golden Age of Finance Capital, her second major project seeks to illuminate the intersection between economic and artistic modes of representation, examining, more specifically, the ways visual and material culture mirrored and mediated the controversial new understandings of value and money brought forth by the explosion of the global financial industry in the second half of the 19th century.