Kerry Barnett

Postdoctoral Fellow & Lecturer in Chemistry

Kerry Barnett

Contact & Office Hours

Ford Hall 326A



Ph.D., University of Alabama

B.S., Mississippi State University


Kerry Barnett is an organic/inorganic chemist. She completed her doctoral work at the University of Alabama. Her doctoral research focused on the design and synthesis of air-stable palladium(II) precatalysts for cross-coupling reactions. The research also involved study of the mechanisms associated with precatalyst activation. She received her bachelor's degree from Mississippi State University. Her undergraduate research focused on the synthesis of meso-substituted cationic porphyrins and their binding mechanisms with G-quadruplex DNA. At Smith, Barnett is conducting research in the Shea Lab. Her current project is focused on a cobalt facilitated tandem Diels-Alder/Pauson-Khand reaction to form tetracyclic products with steroid-like structures. In addition to conducting research, she is an instructor in the chemistry department. 

Selected Publications

Barnett, K. L.; Welch, C. N.; Hill, L. L.; Harmon, D. T.; Shaughnessy, K. H.*; Vasiliu, M.; Craciun, R.; Dixon, D. A.; Gerlach, D.; Kelley, S. P.; Griffin, S. T.; Hines, C. C.; Rogers, R. D. Steric Properties and Coordination Chemistry of Conformationally Flexible Neopentylphosphines. Inorganic Chemistry: manuscript in preparation.

Barnett, K. L.; Howard, J.; Treager, C.; Shipley, A.; Stullich, R. M.; Stephens, M. M.; Shaughnessy, K. H.* Air-stable, Monophosphine Palladium Precatalysts Based on Neopentylphosphine ligands. Journal of Organic Chemistry: manuscript in preparation. 

Rowland, G. B.*; Barnett, K.; DuPont, J. I.; Akurathi, G; Le, V.; Lewis, E. A. The effect of pyridyl substituents on the thermodynamics of porphyrin binding to G-Quadruplex DNA. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry201321, 7515-7522.
(*Corresponding Author/PI).