Graham R. Kent

Senior Laboratory Instructor in Biological Sciences

Graham Kent

Contact & Office Hours

Sabin-Reed Hall 215



M.S., University of Massachusetts


Graham R. Kent is interested in introductory biology laboratories, and he produces related course materials. In particular, he writes software to model and simulate many of the processes that are taught in introductory biology.

Representative Publications

Kent, G.R. 2003. Developed and created Web-based materials for 16 chapters in biology text, Exploring Life, Campbell et al. Prentice Hall.

Kent, G.R, and R. L. Turner. 2001. QuickTime videos for Biology 6th Edition by N. Campbell, Benjamin-Cummings, San Francisco.

Kent, G. R., and D. Demers. 2000. Developed content in Flash and Director for the CD-ROM to accompany Discover Biology by Cain et al. Sinauer Associates, Inc.