Eryn Cook

Laboratory Supervisor

Eryn Cook

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McConnell Hall 310A



Ph.D. University of Oregon

B.S. University of Washington


Eryn Cook’s research focuses on cold atoms and atomic spectroscopy. At Smith College, her research in the Williams lab centers on precision spectroscopy of atomic beryllium-9 to verify quantum-electrodynamic energy-level calculations. Eryn received her bachelor's degree in physics at the University of Washington, where she worked in the Fortson atomic physics labs exploring narrow-linewidth transitions in trapped neutral ytterbium and barium ions. She continued work in the Fortson labs and worked at the Instituted for Shock Physics at Washington State University before going on to graduate school in physics at the University of Oregon, where she constructed a strontium magneto-optical trap apparatus for Casimir-Polder experiments. Outside the lab, Eryn enjoys road biking, rock climbing, and hiking with her border collie mix Maya.