Eric Snyder

Lecturer in Philosophy and Logic

Eric Snyder

Contact & Office Hours

Spring 2019
Friday, 2–4 p.m.
Or by appointment.

Pierce Hall 108



Ph.D., Ohio State University


Eric Snyder received his doctorate in philosophy from Ohio State University. His research focuses on topics related to the intersection of philosophy of language, philosophy of mathematics and linguistic semantics, with a special focus on how we talk about, think about and acquire basic numerical concepts. His publications address a variety of interdisciplinary issues, including the semantics of predicates of personal taste, Frege’s theory of the real numbers, vagueness, plural logic, the semantics of number expressions and multiple topics within the foundations of arithmetic.

Snyder recently completed a monograph titled Semantics and the Philosophy of Mathematics, concerning the meanings of number expressions and their consequences for certain recent debates within philosophy of mathematics. He is currently engaged in a number of collaborative, interdisciplinary projects, including one with Richard Samuels and Stewart Shapiro on the foundations of arithmetic, one with Stewart Shapiro on plurals in natural language , and one with Declan Smithies on knowledge and skepticism.