Dana Parsons

Lab Supervisor of Physics

Dana Parsons

Contact & Office Hours

McConnell Hall 204A



Dana Parsons earned a master’s degree in applied physics from Northern Arizona University. His research focused on thermal vapor deposition and the properties (electrical, chemical and surface features) of materials produced. Before coming to Smith, he was the physics laboratory equipment manager, laboratory instructor and the manager of the Atomic Force Microscopy Lab at the Northern Arizona University Department of Physics. Secondary scientific interests include computer interfaced machine control and materials spectroscopy (EDS, XPS).

As the laboratory supervisor at Smith, Parsons wears many hats. He builds, maintains and presents physics demonstrations and lab activities; teaches laboratory physics classes; coordinates safety in the department; keeps the computers running smoothly; and supervises student workers. In the performance of these duties he calls upon his experience in woodworking, machining, welding, electronics repair and his time as a live sound engineer.

In his spare time at Smith, he likes to track down those who haven't returned borrowed equipment. Outside of work, he likes to spend time cooking, traveling and playing the baritone saxophone.