Anne Jaskot

Five College Astronomy Education and Research Postdoctoral Fellow and Lecturer

Contact & Office Hours

McConnell Hall 410b



Ph.D., University of Michigan

B.A., Williams College


Anne Jaskot is postdoctoral researcher in the Five College Astronomy Department. She studies the ionized and neutral gas in starburst galaxies, using observations ranging from radio to X-ray wavelengths. In particular, she is interested in how extreme bursts of star formation are triggered and how the resulting feedback affects the interstellar medium.

Refereed Publications

From H I to Stars: H I Depletion in Starbursts and Star-forming Galaxies in the ALFALFA Hα Survey, A. E. Jaskot, M. S. Oey, J. J. Salzer, A. Van Sistine, E. F. Bell, & M. P. Haynes, 2015, ApJ, 808, 66.

Linking Lyα and Low-ionization Transitions at Low Optical Depth, A. E. Jaskot & M. S. Oey, 2014, ApJL, 791, 19.

The Origin and Optical Depth of Ionizing Radiation in the ‘Green Pea’ Galaxies, A. E. Jaskot & M. S. Oey, 2013, ApJ, 766, 91.

Observational Constraints on Superbubble X-ray Energy Budgets, A. E. Jaskot, D. K. Strickland, M. S. Oey, Y.-H. Chu, & G. García-Segura, 2011, ApJ, 729, 28.