Adam Hall

Professor of Biological Sciences

Adam Hall

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Ford Hall 202A



Ph.D., University of London

M.A., B.A., University of Cambridge


Adam Hall investigates the molecular mechanisms of anesthetic action in the mammalian nervous system. To study acute effects of anesthetics, his lab records currents from human GABA-A and glycine receptors expressed in Xenopus oocytes and characterizes modulation of receptor activity by a variety of anesthetic agents. The lab has also been working with DNA microarrays, and has brought this technology to bear on some anesthetic-related questions. Little is understood about the longer term effects of general anesthetic agents (e.g., anesthetic preconditioning, postoperative depression, hepatotoxicity) and some sedatives/anxiolytics (e.g., tolerance/dependence of the barbiturates, benzodiazepines). The lab is currently engaged in broad screening of mammalian genomes to discover which genes are differentially expressed after exposure to anesthetic or sedative agents.

Chowdhury, L, Croft, C.J., Goel, S., Zaman, N., Tai, A.C-S., Walch, E.M., Smith K., Page A., Shea, K.M., Hall, C.D.,

Representative Publications

Underlined indicates Smith student co-author

Joyce,R.L., Beyer,N.P., Vasilopoulos,G., Woll,K.,  Hall,A.C., Eckenhoff,R.G., Barman,D.N.,Warren,J.D., Tibbs,G.R., Goldstein,P.A. (2019) Hydrogen bond propensity, ring saturation, hydrophobicity and volume determine efficacy and potency of propofol congeners as inverse agonists of HCN1 channels.  Biochemical Pharmacology, 163:493-508

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Edmands S.D., LaDow E.S. and Hall A.C. (2013)  Microarray Analyses of Genes Regulated by Isoflurane Anesthesia In Vivo: A Novel Approach to Identifying Potential Preconditioning Mechanisms. Anesthesia & Analgesia, 116, 589-595.


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