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Application for Educator Licensure and Preparation Program

Elementary Grades 1-6

Elementary Grades 1-6
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Please check all core licensure classes (or approved equivalent) that you have completed thus far:

Student teaching is a year long experience split into two distinct semesters; a pre-practicum semester, typically in the fall and a practicum semester, typically in the spring. In most cases, one semester will be spent at The Campus School of Smith College, and the other semester in a local public school.

During the pre-practicum semester you will enroll in EDC 345 Elementary Curriculum Methods, as well as any remaining core licensure courses; including, EDC 338 and EDC 347. You will be assigned a field placement and a host teacher to support the field requirements of these courses. You will also be assigned a Program Supervisor, who will meet with you at least three times during the semester to support your practice; observing you in the classroom,  providing feedback and  helping you set goals.

During the practicum semester you will enroll in EDC 345 Elementary Curriculum Methods. You will be assigned a practicum field placement and supervising practitioner (mentor teacher). You will continue to have the support of a Program Supervisor, who will formally observe you at least three times during the semester. You will be expected to complete 300 hours of field work, including at least 100 full responsibility hours.

Although this cannot be guaranteed, please indicate a schedule preference below if you have one, along with an explanation for this request.

Explanation of the request
Please list all experiences that you have had working with children, including those conducted as part of your service learning/pre-practicum requirements in Smith College classes.
As you potentially approach a student teaching experience, what do you see as your strengths as a future educator, and which areas do you think will be important areas to work on?

Next steps for completion of application and acceptance into preparation program:

  1. Immediately upon submitting this application, you must send an up-to-date unofficial transcript copy to
  2. Your adviser within the department and the coordinator of teacher education will initially review your application and your progress towards licensure requirements.

You will be contacted regarding next steps.