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A Culture of Care

Read Smith’s UPDATED plans as of August 5, 2020,
for an entirely remote fall 2020 semester.


Conway Center Entrepreneurship

Being entrepreneurial is a mindset, a way of thinking. The CIEC supports members of the Smith community who are attracted to opportunities, innovation and value creation and those who are calculated risk takers and thrive in an ambiguous environment. If you have a great idea for a business, product or service, or even if you don't, we invite you to participate in our hands-on activities and learning workshops throughout the year and practice.

Develop Skills

Through curricular and co-curricular initiatives, students delve into a range of subjects and develop specific skills such as leadership, resiliency, self-reflection, selling, managing people and communication.

Work Together

We partner with academic and other departments on campus, as well as visiting experts, to infuse entrepreneurial practices and perspectives throughout the college.

Test Ideas

We offer opportunities for the Smith community to generate, share, test and refine their ideas through a variety of activities, including competitions, challenges, pitch contests, business model workshops, start-a-thon and trade shows.

Virtual Office Hours

Monica Dean, Conway Center Director, is available to meet with teams needing assistance with defining value propositions and identifying customer segments, market size estimates and finacial projections for launching and scaling ventures.

Special Events


Annual Elevator Pitch Contest

90 seconds is all the time each contestant has to present a business, product or service idea to their peers, local entrepreneurs and a panel of judges. Up to $1,000 in cash & prizes will be given away. Contestants may use one 3x5 index card, no props allowed.



To come

Shark Tank

All teams who have submitted applications for the 2021 Draper Competition have an opportunity to practice their 90-second pitch. Mentors will be on hand to provide feedback. Cash prizes will be distributed to those with the best pitches of the evening.