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Faculty & Staff

Art faculty and student

Smith’s art department faculty works closely with students. Our award-winning painters and sculptors, scholars and architects value active engagement with the art world. Whether we are doing research, curating museum exhibitions, speaking at conferences or creating work for galleries, our creative energies extend to our work with students, both inside and outside the classroom. We strive to help students cultivate art careers that embrace local, national and international settings.


Susan Heideman
Professor Emerita of Art

Caroline Houser
Professor Emerita of Art

Jaroslaw Volodymyr Leshko
Professor Emeritus of Art

Chester J. Michalik
Professor Emeritus of Art

Gary Lewis Niswonger
Professor Emeritus of Art

Dwight Pogue
Professor Emeritus of Art

Helen E. Searing
Alice Pratt Brown Professor Emerita of Art

Art Staff

Rebecca Davis
Administrative Assistant

Eva Weber
Administrative Assistant

Andrew Palmore
Shop Supervisor/Technician

Imaging Center Staff

Luke Blevins
Visual Arts Digital Specialist

Daniel Bridgman
Visual Communication Specialist

Jon Cartledge
Digital Imaging Specialist

Betsy Coulter
Imaging Services Coordinator

Andrew Maurer
Interactive Media Coordinator 

Kevin Pomerleau
Visual Arts Technical Specialist