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Meet Audrey Cho ’24: Smith’s Udall Scholar

Audrey Cho ’24 is one of 55 college students selected nationally this year from more than 380 applicants for a prestigious Udall Undergraduate Scholarship.

‘Modeling What Carbon Neutrality Really Means’

Smith is acting in the face of the climate crisis. In mid-May, the college will break ground on a bold new infrastructure project—one that will allow Smith to realize its pledge of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

Smith Botanic Garden Takes Up Social Justice

In a virtual talk on Thursday, March 3, at 4:15 p.m., landscape curator John Berryhill will share examples of how staff and students are using the Smith botanic garden for social justice work.

Energy from the Sun: Collaborative Solar Facility Goes Online in Maine

An innovative collaborative energy project has started delivering electricity to five New England colleges—and to tens of thousands of students, staff and faculty—as a new solar energy facility has gone online in Farmington, Maine. Launched in 2018, the New England College Renewable Partnership is a first-of-its-kind collaboration among Smith and four other leading New England liberal arts colleges.

Care and Pride: Students Prep Fall Mum Show

Sasha Zeidenberg ’22 and Mai Klooster ’23J—who are among the students who have been working to help prepare this year’s Fall Chrysanthemum show—share some thoughts about their favorite mums.

Farm to Institution New England publishes Smith student research about Land Grant Universities and Indigenous Nations in the Northeast

In the fall of 2020, Smith students Maeve McCurdy '21, Fee Pelz-Sharpe '21, and Sofia Perrotto '21, partnered with Farm to Institution New England (FINE) through the Environmental Science and Policy 312 course, to investigate how land grant universities view their historic relationships with the Indigenous tribes whose land they occupy.

‘The Health of Our Population Depends on the Health of the World’

“We are inextricably tied to our natural environment, yet we continue to damage it. The time has come to invest in this precious resource,” writes Simran Sethi ’92 in this essay on nature in a post-pandemic world.

On Biodiversity: Six Questions for Desiree Narango

The opening lecture for this year’s annual Bulb Show—all online this year—will focus on the connection between plant choice and conservation. Wildlife ecologist Desiree Narango will discuss “The Birds, the Bees, the Flowers and the Trees: Why Native Plants Matter for Wildlife Conservation,” on Thursday, March 4, at 4 p.m.

Building Connections to Nature

How do you take your class on a science field trip when your students are living all over the world? Marney Pratt, a laboratory instructor in biological sciences, came up with a semester-long project designed to help students become skillful observers and feel more connected to the natural world—no matter their location.

Advocate for Climate Action

A young policymaker’s guide to fighting climate change.

‘The Life Cycle of Dining’: Reducing Carbon Emissions

For four members of the class of 2020, a senior capstone research project has led to a prestigious award from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.

Larissa Holland ’20: ‘I’m One Person ... There’s a Lot I Can Do’

Larissa Holland ’20 always had a passion for the environment. In her four years at Smith, she developed the confidence and critical skills to turn her natural enthusiasm into a career fighting for climate justice.

Look Up from Your Carbon Footprint

Individual efforts matter, but to move the needle we need to change systems and policies.

Farm-to-Smith Eating

Smith is on the leading edge of sustainability initiatives in college and university dining.

Goal: Net Zero

From solar power to ground-source heat exchange technology, Smith is forging a path to carbon neutrality.

Would you eat a 'steak' printed by robots? BBC News

Can technology sustainably satisfy carnivorous cravings? 

Black Farmers Are Embracing Climate-Resilient Farming

Communities of color are on the frontlines of climate change. These farmers are also on the frontlines of climate solutions.

Overflowing Bathtubs and Leaky Boats

Physics professor Nathanael Fortune helps to visualize the buildup of carbon in our atmosphere. 

Climate Change Protesters Disrupt Yale-Harvard Football Game - The New York Times

Demonstrators stormed the field during halftime, causing the game to be delayed for about an hour. The Yale police issued 42 summonses for disorderly conduct.

Leah Penniman on Farming While Black - Video Lecture

Leah Penniman of Soul Fire Farm on African Diasporic Wisdom for Farming and Food Justice - Lecture filmed at Williams College

Studying Climate Change

In the first semester of Smith's themed Year on Climate Change, relevant course offerings range from contemporary poetry to green energy policy, giving students of all academic backgrounds a chance to engage in learning about climate change and environmental sustainability. 

More than 11,000 Scientists from Around the World Declare a ‘Climate Emergency’

The Washington Post: Study outlines six major steps that ‘must’ be taken to address the situation.

Immigration and the Food Justice Connection

Gabriella Della Croce ’11 and Andrea Schmid ’17 both work at the Pioneer Valley Workers Center, a collective that helps better the lives of immigrant workers in western Massachusetts.

Experimenting with Geothermal Energy

The drilling of a geothermal test borehole began on campus near the Field House in September. This launched a unique and fascinating learning opportunity for faculty and students across campus and the first phase of a pilot project to establish a potential ground source geothermal heat exchange system for the Field House.

Exploring Natural Dye-Making Plants on Campus

A summer project by Hannah Asofksy ’21 is the foundation for a new exhibit on dyes on view at the Lyman Plant House. “The Art and Science of Dyeing” explores the world of natural dyes and connects visitors with dye-making plants in the Happy Chace ’28 Garden and the Learning Garden behind Northrop-Gillett.

On Valuing Farm Work and Motherhood - Article from Civil Eats

A sixth-generation dairy farmer reflects on the policies and practices that make caregiving and farming financially precarious.

Fossil Fuels and the Smith Endowment

At it's October meeting, the Smith College Board of Trustees announced a significant advance in reducing the role of fossil fuel investments in the college's endowment.  

Hampshire County gets ‘F’ in air quality rating; climate change a factor

In 2015, Hampshire County received a “C” rating for average days of dangerously high ozone levels from the American Lung Association in its annual “State of the Air” report — one of the best grades it’s ever been given.

Fast forward four years, and the organization’s most recent report has returned the county to the bottom of the list in Massachusetts — joining Barnstable, Bristol and neighboring Hampden counties with an “F” rating for too many days of high ozone levels.

Empowering Students on Climate Change - Gazette News Story

Smith College’s yearlong focus on climate change gives students tools and possibly hope in a warming world.  

The Climate Crisis is a Feminist Issue - Article by Prof. Carrie Baker

"While climate change impacts us all, its effects fall particularly hard on women and girls because of inequalities based not only on gender, but also on race, class and nationality. Globally, women and girls represent 70 percent of the total population living in poverty." Writes Prof. Carrie Baker in an article published in the Hampshire Gazette this week about how the climate crisis is distinctly a feminist issue.

One Student: Storm Lewis ’21

Storm Lewis ’21 is committed to addressing issues related to food justice and climate change. For her Mellon Mays project, she’s researching farm-share programs and food initiatives. She’s also helping to plan programming for Smith’s designated Year on Climate Change.

Climate Change and Social Justice

As part of the college's Year on Climate Change, the Smith community will gather this weekend for a major conference on “Climate Equity and Social Justice: Solutions in Action.”