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Recent Graduate Trustees

After reviewing the Recent Graduate Trustee program (a two-year term position) during the 2021-22 academic year, the board of trustees has decided to discontinue the program and instead increase focus on including younger alums on the board as full trustee members.

In a report submitted to the Governance Committee in 2022, a subcommittee reviewing the RGT program wrote that “The goal of the board should be to have diversity in age, among the perspectives represented by the trustees, just as we strive for diversity in other areas like professional experience, race, gender and geography etc. To achieve this goal, the subcommittee recommends looking for alums 10-20 years out from graduation, who will bring significant professional and life experiences to their roles as trustees, while continuing to provide diverse perspectives from an age standpoint. Like all trustees, younger trustees will be eligible to serve two four-year terms.”