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JobX is primarily for work-study students; by college policy non-work-study students are not eligible to apply for most positions until after October 1 in the fall and after the first 2 weeks of classes in the spring. Exceptions must be requested by employers after work-study students have been given priority. 

BannerWeb is overseen by Payroll and a completely separate platform where students access and submit their time sheets. Any issues with BannerWeb should be addressed to Payroll.

PDF iconJobX User Guide for Students


Students will log onto JobX via Single Sign On (SSO) through the Smith College portal and have their own accounts. They will have their own Dashboard which will record all the jobs they apply for and are hired into.

Global Application

The Global Application allows students to apply for multiple jobs at once without having to repeatedly complete applications. If an employer has added questions to the default application, applicants simply have to answer the extra questions and attach a cover letter and/or resume if requested. Students may also withdraw applications from jobs they are no longer interested in or if they’ve been hired and no longer need a job. Some positions may not have an Online Application and the applicant must follow directions in the job description to apply.

Paperwork Requirement

Students who have not completed all their paperwork with the Payroll Office will be able to view a job but will be unable to use the Online Application to apply for the position until their paperwork has been submitted. Since the I9, W4, M4 and Direct Deposit forms are all mandatory, students must fulfill these requirements to ensure they are work-ready before looking for jobs. It will be in the best interest of all students to do the required employment paperwork upon arrival at the college. Incoming first year students are unable to apply online for any positions on JobX until arrival and enrollment and the completion of all requirements.

Print Function

There is a Print function so students can print out a record of their employment history at the college when graduating and have it for future reference.


As always, students can sign up for JobMail to be notified when jobs of interest are posted and JobX provides multiple ways to search for jobs by specifying newest jobs, all on-campus, off-campus work-study jobs, summer jobs, etc.