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Change Ringing

Join Us!

If you are interested in learning to ring the bells at the Mendenhall Bell Tower, please contact Sarah McElhone Moriarty, Math ’72 to arrange a visit to the tower. Visitors from other towers are welcome. Please contact us in advance to be sure that practices are being held.

Practice Times

Monday and Wednesday
Mendenhall Bell Tower
5–7 p.m.

All practices are open to new ringers and visitors. Come for an hour, or for one or both whole practices. Enter Mendenhall Performing Arts Center at the Berenson Studio across from Sage Hall.

BBC Music Day
Thursday, June 15th at 7pm

Bellringers at Smith join ringers in the UK and around the world in the third annual BBC Music Day, with the theme this year being “the power of music.” The sound of bells, with their power to bring communities and generations together, was a feature of last year’s BBC Music Day, with many ringers taking part.

Summer Practices

Please check here for cancellations due to vacations over the summer. We are cancelled on July 3rd for the holiday, but expect to ring most Mondays and Wednesdays throughout the summer.

Smith Bell Ringers in action


Change ringing is open to all faculty, staff and students and extended community members who wish to ring the bells on campus and share their wonderful sounds on important Smith occasions. The current band of ringers at Smith College includes Smith students, faculty and alumnae. There are also members from the wider community, including ringers from Mt Holyoke, UMass, New Hampshire and Connecticut.

Smith College Bells

Sarah Moriarty visiting the bells


The Smith College bells are cast in bronze, weigh between 300 and 980 pounds and are characterized by richness, dignity, and mellowness of tone. The bells are hung in a ring of 8 near the top of Mendenhall Bell Tower in the belfry.

Bell Weight Inscription Donation Information
Treble (A) 2-2-21 cwt
(301 lbs.) 22.75"
In honor of Marjorie Resnikoff Botwinik ’37 Donated by Mr. Norman T. Botwinik in honor of his wife
Second (G#) 3-0-17 cwt
(353 lbs.) 23.75"
I am Grace Donated by Janet Carlile Harris
Third (F#) 3-1-16 cwt
(380 lbs.) 25"
To the joy of music, mathematics and memory Donated by Edward P. Hutchinson and his daughter Joan P. Hutchinson ’67 in honor of his wife and her mother, Louise Forbes Hutchinson ’36
Fourth (E) 4-0-16 cwt
(464 lbs.) 27"
I am Equity Donated by Janet Carlile Harris
Fifth (D) 4-2-24 cwt
(528 lbs.) 28.75"
I am Diligence Donated by Janet Carlile Harris
Sixth (C#) 5-0-25 cwt
(585 lbs.) 30"
I am Courage Donated by Janet Carlile Harris
Seventh (B) 7-0-17 cwt
(801 lbs.) 33"
I am Blessed Donated by Janet Carlile Harris
Tenor (A) 8-2-11 cwt
(963 lbs.) 36" *
*Per Dove's Guide. Elsewhere listed 8-3-0 cwt (980 lbs.)
Gaudeamus igitur juvenus dum sumus In memory of Margaret Nichols Shurcliff. Donated by members of her family and friends in the American Guild of English Handbell Ringers

Janet Carlile Harris also donated funds to strengthen the tower. Her sister, Dorothea Carlile ’22, died while a student and her mother, Florence Jeffrey Carlile 1893, was an original donor of the carillon in College Hall.