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Immigration Policy: Resources & Responses

Since early 2017, executive orders enacted by the Trump administration​ have created significant volatility in U.S. immigration policy. Amid this uncertainty, Sm​i​th College remains deeply committed to protecting and supporting all members of our community. We will:

  • Provide equal access to institutional need-based financial aid and campus employment for undocumented students studying in the U.S. under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy.
  • Evaluate undocumented and DACA students under the same procedures and requirements we use for first-year or transfer admission for U.S. citizens in making admission decisions.
  • Take no voluntary action that would put members of our community at risk because of their citizenship or immigration status.
  • Resist releasing information about students’ citizenship or immigration status unless we are legally compelled to do so; if presented with a subpoena or other imperative, we will seek legal counsel before taking any steps to comply.
  • Continue our practice of strictly limiting the use of eVerify, the online system that cross-checks employment eligibility with the Department of Homeland Security, so that it is used only when we are legally required to do so. We will not use eVerify for routine matters, such as work-study employment.
  • Facilitate access to legal counsel for undocumented students and for international students affected by the travel ban.
  • Provide students with need-based financial support to cover the costs of meeting immigration application fees as necessary.
  • Facilitate finding year-round housing for international students, potentially on campus or through the alumnae network, if any cannot go home because of travel bans.

For more details, please see President Kathleen McCartney's letters to the community.

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