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Touchnet Monthly Payment Plan

Smith College offers a four-month semester payment plan with optional down payment at time of signup. The plan is available by semester only; tuition, fees and any applicable aid are applied per semester. A student can only have one payment plan per semester.

Automatic Recalculation of Installment Payments

TouchNet is directly linked into our Banner system and reflects real-time activity on a student account, and monthly installments will automatically recalculate to reflect any changes in comprehensive fees, financial aid or other miscellaneous fees or payments.

The plan is set up to pay the remainder balance due on the account after charges and financial aid or any other payments are applied to the account. When you have new charges, your plan installment amounts will go up; when you have payments or other credits, your installment amounts will go down.

Fall Semester Spring Semester
August 10 January 10
September 10 February 10
October 10 March 10
November 10 April 10

Nonrefundable Fees

  • $30 enrollment fee per semester
  • $5 late enrollment fee if plan begins after August 9 (fall semester) or January 9 (spring semester)
  • $20 fee for returned check due to insufficient funds
  • $5 fee for payment reversal if incorrect account number is provided

Late Fees

If enrolling late, all missed installments are required at the time of signup.

Late fees of 1.25 percent accrue on the student account for any unpaid portion of the monthly installment due if not paid by the due date. Plans will terminate after two unpaid installments. This financing option is extended as a courtesy by Smith College to our families. This courtesy may not be extended to a student in a future semester should a current plan terminate for nonpayment.

  1. Log in to TouchNet, click on "Payment Plans" in the menu bar
  2. Click "Enroll Now"
  3. Select the appropriate term and click "GO"
  4. Click "Select" on the plan that you are choosing
  5. Review payment plan enrollment information and if OK, click "Continue"
  6. Review "Eligible Charges and Credits," and enter a down payment amount if applicable
  7. Click "Display Payment Schedule" and review displayed schedule. If desired, go back to add in or change the down payment and click on "Recalculate Payment Schedule."
  8. Choose whether you would like to set up automatic payments and click "Continue"
  9. Choose a payment method and click "Select"
  10. Review the Payment Plan Agreement. If you agree, click "I Agree" and then click "Continue."
  11. Review the Terms and Conditions of the Payment and if you agree, click "I agree to the above terms and conditions" and then click "Continue"
  12. A payment receipt will be displayed for you

Please note: We suggest you set up a payment plan as the last step to resolve the semester balance due. Before setting up a plan, make sure all requirements for financial aid, including grant aid and loans, have been met and are reflected on the student account as paid or pending.

If a plan is set up before all aid is reflected on the student account, the first installment may be much larger than the remainder installments, which will be recalculated when the aid is credited.

The plan can be set up either by the student or by an authorized user. Any authorized user can make payments on a plan that the student has set up, but due to confidentiality, a student cannot make payments on a plan set up by an authorized user. Banking information is confidential and only the user will be able to see and access this information when making a payment.

Separate Authorized Users

If a student has two parents who would each like to pay separately on a plan, it is suggested that the student sign up for the plan herself and then give access to each parent as an authorized user. Each parent will pay his or her agreed upon portion of the plan each month.

A recalculation due to a change in both the comprehensive fee and a student's financial aid package will require five to seven business days to process. During this time, the student's payment plan will be set to not recalculate until the process is complete.

If a change occurs within eight days of an upcoming installment due date, recalculation locks in the upcoming installment amount and will only spread the change over any remaining payments.

A notification of the change in monthly installments will be sent to the plan holder when recalculation occurs.

Cancel a Plan

To cancel a payment plan, please contact us. You are responsible for any balance due after the plan has been cancelled.

529 Plans

To take full advantage of the Smith College payment plan, a student or holder of the 529 Plan must request one 529 Plan payment per semester. To prevent late fees from assessing to the account, this payment should be received by Smith early enough to allow for a student, or an authorized user to sign up for a Smith Payment Plan for any remainder balance by the due date listed on the bill. Direct monthly payments from the 529 Plan are treated as outside aid and reduce all remaining Smith College payment plan installments equally instead of paying off the next installment in full. Late fees may be incurred in this scenario.