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Additional Unsubsidized Loans

For domestic students, there are circumstances that allow a student to borrow an additional unsubsidized federal direct loan; most undergraduate students can qualify for $2,000 in an additional unsubsidized federal direct loan beyond the base subsidized loan eligibility. The amounts vary depending on the student's circumstances and other financial aid. Please contact us to determine your eligibility.

Independent students and dependent students whose parent was denied a PLUS loan may be able to borrow an additional $4,000 each year for their first and second years of school and an additional $5,000 each year for their third and fourth years of school.

Loan Limits

In some circumstances Ada Comstock and independent students may be limited in the amount that they can borrow based on the standard educational budget that Smith establishes. If you believe that your expenses may be greater than the level of loans that you have been awarded, please complete a Cost of Educational Expenses Worksheet.

More Information

If you are in need of an additional loan, please email