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Getting Help

If You Suspect Abuse or Neglect

In case of any emergency, dial 911 immediately.

In addition, you must:

1. Call the toll-free, 24-hour hotline for reporting child abuse and neglect: 800-792-5200

2. Call the Smith College Department of Campus Safety: 413-585-2490

Read more on reporting child abuse

Five College Child Safety Certification

Get certified to work with children on the Smith College campus using the Five College Child Safety Certification website.

Further Resources



Background Checks


Minors in Campus Facilities

Policy Requirements 


Program and Activity Registration 



Are there specific requirements which should be included in agreements with third parties that use Smith facilities to host programs or activites involving minors?

It is the duty of the individual/department entering into agreements with third parties to make sure that the agreements comport with all Smith requirements including the requirements of the Policy on Safety and Wellbeing of Minors, provides as follows:

“10) Policy for Programs Involving Minors Operated by Outside Parties on Smith College Property 

Any program involving minors operated by outside parties on Smith property must be operated consistent with the guidelines of this Policy. All contracts for the use of College facilities by outside parties for programs involving minors must reference this requirement and provide a link to this Policy.”

Questions about proposed agreements with third parties that use Smith facilities to host a program or activity involving minors may be sent to College Relations - Events Management.

Can we use a County Sheriff's office or the Smith College Department of Campus Safety to fingerprint and to run background checks?


How do we obtain background checks?

Please visit the Background Checks and Child Safety Certification for instructions.

What can be done with the information collected on the background check?

It can only be used for the reason it was requested, i.e., for the purposes of the Safety and Wellbeing of Minors policy.

What does the background check include?

The background check includes criminal checks and checks against the national and state sex offender registries. It does not include credit checks. 

Who has to get background checks?

All persons who may have direct and unmonitored contact with children in the course of their employment or service activity will be given thorough reference and background checks, including review of criminal and sexual offender records (CORI/SORI checks).

Will the College accept background checks that have been conducted for another organization (e.g. school districts)?  

No, the College is prohibited by MA law from relying upon checks completed for another organization.

How does the Safety and Wellbeing of Minors Policy affect consent forms and application forms that are completed by parent and students to enroll in our programs or activites?

Questions about consent and application forms that relate to a Smith program or activity involving minors may be sent to Compliance and Risk Management.

Should a program or activity that involves only one minor be subject to the requirements of the Safety and Wellbeing of Minors Policy? 

Yes, even activities that involve one (1) minor must comply with the requirements of the Safety and Wellbeing of Minors policy. However, minors enrolled or matriculating at Smith are exempted from the Policy. 

Are guest lecturers subject to the requirements of this policy?

If the Guest Lecturer is alone with the minors in the classroom, the Guest Lecturer qualifies as an Authorized Adult under our Policy. In the event that an individual with the Program or Activity who has completed the training and undergone a background check is present in the room during the Guest Lecturer's presentation and any interactions with the minors thereafter, the Guest Lecturer does not meet the definition of an Authorized Adult. However, the Program or Activity Director may choose to (1) treat the Guest Lecturer as an Authorized Adult who would be subject to all of our policy requirements or (2) provide the Guest Lecturer, in advance of their participation, with our Policy and the "Guide to Working with Minors" and access to our online training.

Does the policy apply to activities, programs, departments or schools that employ minors?

The policy does not require background checks and training for adults interacting with Smith-employed minors. Faculty and staff dealing with employed minors should be guided by the policy and are encouraged to review the Guide to Working with Minors– but the background check and training requirements are not mandatory for them. Program and Activity Directors should encourage their staff and faculty working with employed minors to review the Safety and Wellbeing of Minors policy and to read the College's Guide to Working with Minors. Staff and faculty working with employed minors should also be encouraged to complete the online training program. All employed minors must be informed of the College's sexual harassment policy in accordance with College procedures upon employment.

Where can I find the Safety and Wellbeing of Minors policy?  

Read Smith College's Policy on the Safety and Wellbeing of Minors

How do we access the online training modules?

To access the online training, you must log in to the Child Safety Certification website.

Some of the individuals in my program or activity are having difficulties with accessing the training.  Who can they contact?

If you have any technical difficulties accessing College training, please contact Compliance & Risk Management either via emailor by calling 413-538-2344.

How do I register our program or activity?  

All programs and activities involving minors on Smith campuses must be registered with the College using the Child Safety Certification Website. Registration includes identifying all staff and volunteers who will be working with the minor(s).

To access the database and begin the registration process, see Background Checks and Child Safety Certification.

See Resources and Responsibilities for Program and Activity Directors for additional information.

Where do I find a copy of the Smith Guide to Working with Minors?

Read the Guide to Working with Minors.