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Time Entry

Workday Transition

Please excuse references to Banner, BannerWeb, and JobX as we continue to update our policies and web pages to reflect our transition to Workday.


BannerWeb is a secure online system that provides employees with access to benefits, payroll and tax information, Web Time Entry, and address and emergency contact information. The system can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection and a compatible Internet browser.

Workday Time Entry & Tracking

Entering Time Worked

Entering Time Off

Approving Time

Web Time Entry

    Web Time Entry is an electronic time entry system that allows employees and students to log onto BannerWeb and enter their own time online. Each person can see exactly what is being entered into the Banner system. Time entries are sent automatically to an employee's or student's manager for electronic approval, and then to payroll for more immediate processing.

    Submission of Retro Hours

    If you did not get paid, for whatever reason, you must enter your hours retroactively in the next pay period. Follow the instructions below:

    1. On the time sheet for the current pay period, record the total hours worked and not paid, on any one day on the appropriate Retro Pay line. Choose the Earn Code for the correct job category:
      • 114 for Retro Pay Student On Campus
      • 115 for Retro Pay Student Off Campus 
    2. Click save.
    3. Click the Comments button.
    4. Important: Record your dates and hours in this box (e.g., 9/8, 3 hrs). Any necessary comments for your supervisor should follow your date and hour list.
    5. Save your work.
    6. Submit your time sheet at the end of the pay period, following the normal process.