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Payroll Forms

Workday Transition

Please excuse references to Banner, BannerWeb and JobX as we continue to update our policies and web pages to reflect our transition to Workday.

Payroll Forms

Direct Deposit Authorization

Direct deposit of payroll funds is required for all employees. On payday, your pay is deposited to the financial institution(s) you designate. You will receive an email each payroll week explaining how to access your paystub in BannerWeb and when the funds will be available.

Payroll Deduction Authorization

If you choose to use your OneCard to charge purchases and services at the Campus Center Café, Smith College Conference Center, and Central Services (copy/print services only), you are required to have payroll deduction for payment. The authorization covers the above and all other college charges billed to your account including library fines, athletic towel services, catering, etc.

Stipend Request

Approval is required by authorized college employees prior to perfoming services.

Vacation Advance

Vacation advances are available to regular staff members going on vacation for one week. By submitting the Vacation Advance form by the Monday prior to the Friday you expect payment you will be paid an estimate of your normal net pay. It will be repaid in the payroll cycle in which you would have normally received your vacation pay.

Salary Advance

If you find yourself in a temporary financial crisis, a request for a salary advance will be considered. Salary advances will be repaid in the next payroll cycle immediately following the advance payment. A salary advance for a temporary financial crisis requires the approval of the Controller.

Moving Allowance

A moving allowance is available to some new facutly and staff. HR will notify you if you are eligible.

Time Sheets

Non-exempt/hourly employees are paid biweekly for the hours worked the previous two weeks. The college payroll week runs from Sunday through Saturday; pay checks for all staff are issued every other Friday for work performed through the previous Saturday.

Employees who are in positions classified as temporary are paid for hours worked in the preceding two weeks based on vouchers submitted by the department to the payroll office.