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Meet the Majors


How would you describe your major in just five words? What was your favorite moment at Smith—big or small? What would be your big dream for the future, particularly if money was no option?

For their final semester, we asked members of the class of 2022 from every discipline (majors, minors and concentrations) to weigh in on their time at the college and what their Smith experience has taught them.

Who are these seniors? They are future artists, professors, teachers and scientists. They are guardians of sustainable fisheries and planners of urban spaces. But no matter what profession they plan to pursue, one theme holds true. These Smithies dream of more: Of bringing more academic attention to queerness in East Asia; of creating more accessibility and equitability in universities and academia; of creating more clean and safe water for all; of opening more spaces to unapologetically center Black art.

These are seniors who describe themselves as determined, tough, resilient and unique. They look back on their four years with both humor (How do you describe an English major completely incorrectly? “Lucrative.”) and deep appreciation for their time at Smith.

As one senior noted: “This is a community that will make you feel safe and at home as you explore life as an undergraduate student. It is also a community that will continue to support you the rest of your life—and that’s what makes Smith so special.”

Meet the Majors