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COVID-19 Updates, Restrictions, Cancellations - More information


Applications & Forms

START HERE: Download the appropriate forms below and save them to be uploaded to your application.

Once you've saved your required forms, please choose one application below.
Not sure which application is for you? Email

Praxis or Praxis Plus
for students applying for Praxis or Praxis Plus summer internship funding

Praxis with Credit or Praxis Plus with Credit
for students who seek to combine Praxis funding with Internship Credit

Internship Credit
for students applying for credit only.

Important COVID-19 Information

Updated 4/8/20: For the summer of 2020, The Lazarus Center will only consider Praxis internship proposals in which students work remotely. Students are encouraged to work at least 120 hours, but 220 hours is preferred if possible. All Praxis stipends will be $3000. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis through August 3. 

 For updates on Smith’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak, please visit the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) page.

Application Forms

All forms required for your application should be filled out, signed by supervisor or adviser, and sent back to you.

Upload the completed forms in your online application.

Supervisor Confirmation Form
Required for all Praxis and Praxis Plus applications. This form confirms internship offer and describes internship duties and supervison.

Faculty Advisor Sign-Off
Required for all Praxis and Praxis Plus applications. A faculty sign-off is not an approval of your application, but rather a confirmation that you and your adviser have communicated about your internship plans and goals.

Written Statements Form
Required for all Praxis and Praxis Plus applications. Your Written Statements help us evaluate your internship for Praxis funding.

Concentration Director Confirmation
For Praxis Plus ONLY. This form confirms your eligibility for Praxis Plus funding.

Internship Learning Agreement
For credit-bearing internships ONLY. Must be completed with your Internship Supervisor and then signed by you, your supervisor, and your adviser.

Praxis Supervisor Letter
Once you've been approved for Praxis Funding, give this letter to your supervisor at the start of your internship. 

Student Insurance & Liability Waivers
Some employers require interns to obtain liability waivers from their schools. Students who are asked to provide a waiver must go through the Five College Risk Management Office. Scroll to the bottom for Smith College instructions.

Important Forms After Your Internship

After you have completed your internship, you must submit:

  • Verification of Internship Completion (Required for both Praxis and Credit-only Internships): Please ask your supervisor to submit a letter (on official letterhead or in e-mail from supervisor’s email address) confirming the completion of your internship, that you worked a minimum of 220 hours, and commenting on your work performance. Verification must be in English or translated by Smith faculty member prior to submission. 
  • Summer Activity Report (Required for Praxis Internships only) - Complete and submit this form online via Praxis website.

The deadline to submit both documents is August 31, 2020.