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Apply for Praxis

The 2020 Praxis Application will be available mid-February. Thank you for your patience.

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Application Forms

Student Insurance & Liability Waivers

Some employers require interns to obtain liability waivers from their schools. Students who are asked to provide a waiver must go through the Five College Risk Management Office. Scroll to the bottom for Smith College instructions.

Supervisor Confirmation Form & Letter

Internship Supervisors are required to submit a Supervisor Confirmation Form AND a letter on official letterhead or email from your host organization that confirms internship offer and describes your internship duties and how you will be supervised.

Letter for Supervisor

Give the Supervisor Letter to your supervisor when you begin your internship. It contains important information related to your Praxis funding. A copy of this letter will be given to you once your completed application has been approved by The Lazarus Center.

Learning Contract

With your internship supervisor's help, fill out the learning contract at the beginning of your internship. By going over a contract with your supervisor you will be able to understand what will be expected of you, and you will be able to communicate your learning goals to your supervisor. This contract is for you to keep and to refer to as needed. You do not send a copy of the learning contract to the Lazarus Center. This document will be given to you once your completed application has been approved.

Over the summer Lazarus Center staff will be in touch via email with you and your supervisor. This is a chance to hear your thoughts and your supervisor's feedback on how your internship is progressing.

Concentration Director Confirmation Form

For Praxis Plus ONLY. This form must be completed by the director of your concentration and submitted with your application.

Important Forms After Your Internship

After you have completed your Praxis internship, you must submit both a Supervisor Completion Letter and a Summer Activity Report

  • Supervisor Completion Letter: Your supervisor must submit a letter on official letterhead or email confirming the completion of your internship, that you worked a minimum of 220 hours, and commenting on your work performance.
  • Summer Activity Report

The deadline for both the Supervisor Letter and Summer Activity Report is August 31.

IMPORTANT: Failure to provide a Summer Activity Report AND Supervisor Confirmation Letter at the end of your internship will result in you being charged for the full amount of your Praxis funding and forfeiture of the final $200 stipend payment.