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Color Palette

To ensure that all site pages are visually harmonious with one another, all content should be developed using a consistent color palette, as outlined below. Consult this color palette when developing charts, graphics, illustrations, and other site images.

Dark blue circle

CMYK: 100,90,36,30
RGB: 26,44,87 
HEX: 1a2c57

Blue circle

CMYK: 92,41,9,0 
RGB: 32,124,177 
HEX: 207cb1

Red circle

CMYK: 13,100,72,4 
RGB: 185,29,66 
HEX: b91d42

Green circle

CMYK: 97,22,75,8 
RGB: 18,130,102 
HEX: 128266

Purple circle

CMYK: 64,89,0,0 
RGB: 111,67,154 
HEX: 6f439a

Dark Purple

CMYK: 99,42,81,47 
RGB: 0,71,54 
HEX: 004736

Please note: Some colors are adjusted from the brand guidelines for accessibility and universal design. These adjusted colors are intended only for use on the website. 

Each major section of the site has a designated color scheme; all child pages of the T1 layout follow the same scheme.

For instance, all child pages under Academics use a blue header color scheme; all modules are styled under that T1 section to follow a blue color scheme as well.

Section Color Definition

  • Audience and Utility Pages = Dark Blue
  • Academics = Blue
  • Admission and Aid = Red
  • Student Life = Green
  • About Smith = Purple
  • Topics = Dark Green

View of Academics section

View of Admission section

View of Student Life section

View of About Smith section