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A Culture of Care
Read Smith’s plans for the fall 2020 semester
and the college’s ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Color Palette

To ensure that all site pages are visually harmonious with one another, all content should be developed using a consistent color palette, as outlined below. Consult this color palette when developing charts, graphics, illustrations, and other site images.

CMYK: 97,67,48,38
RGB: 0,62,81 
HEX: 003e51


CMYK: 100,27,10,56 
RGB: 0,79,113 
HEX: 004f71


CMYK: 3,91,86,12 
RGB: 190,58,52 
HEX: be3a34

CMYK: 47,11,99,64 
RGB: 70,90,1 
HEX: 465a01


CMYK: 48,96,0,0 
RGB: 152,29,151 
HEX: 981d97

Dark Purple

CMYK: 58,92,12,54 
RGB: 81,40,79 
HEX: 51284f

Each major section of the site has a designated color scheme; all child pages of the T1 layout follow the same scheme.

For instance, all child pages under Academics use a blue header color scheme; all modules are styled under that T1 section to follow a blue color scheme as well.

Section Color Definition

  • Audience and Utility Pages = Dark Blue
  • Academics = Blue
  • Admission and Aid = Red
  • Student Life = Green
  • About Smith = Bright Purple
  • Topics = Dark Purple

View of Academics section

View of Admission section

View of Student Life section

View of About Smith section