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2019 Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment Period for 2019 Benefits

This year’s benefits Open Enrollment Period will run from Tuesday, November 6, through Wednesday, November 21, at noon. “Open Enrollment” refers to the official, annual period when employees can make changes to their benefit plans for the following plan year. This is your chance to enroll in health, dental, or vision plans, add or drop a dependent, switch plans or drop a plan. The Open Enrollment Period is also the only time when employees can enroll for a health-care or dependent-care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) through Benefit Strategies.

2019 Open Enrollment Guide

Please refer to the 2019 Open Enrollment Guide for information about a new health plan option, enhancements to the dental plan, changes to the deduction tier structure, and Open Enrollment instructions.

Rate Comparison Sheet

Dependent Eligibility Certification

This form is required only if you are covering a spouse, ex-spouse, or children on your elected benefit plans* in 2019. This form is required on an annual basis whether or not changes are made to your benefit plans.

*Health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, health-care and/or dependent-care flexible spending accounts, life insurance, tuition plans, Smith College OneCard and leave benefits.

New Deduction Tier Structure

Who you enroll in each plan will determine your deduction tier for health, dental and vision coverages:

  • Employee
  • Employee plus Spouse
  • Employee plus (Child)ren
  • Family—Employee, Spouse, plus (Child)ren

If you currently have a double plan, and you make no changes during open enrollment, HR will automatically move you into either the Employee plus Spouse or Employee plus Child(ren) tier, as appropriate. You do not need to complete an Open Enrollment form to correct your deduction tiers for 2019.

Health Plan Options: Tools to Help You Choose

2019 Health Plans

Compare each plan to see which works best for you:

Summaries of Benefits and Coverage

Health Plan Comparison Tool

Use the Health Plan Comparison Tool below to help you determine which health plan (Value HMO, HMO, HDHP with HSA, or POS) may be the best option for you. This tool will estimate your total out of pocket costs (combined premiums and cost of care) for all four plans. The tool allows you to estimate your health needs for 2019 and uses average costs for different services along with Smith's actual premiums to arrive at the estimated total cost for each plan. Download the Excel tool to your computer:

Prescription Drugs

Prescriptions through our Harvard Pilgrim health plans will be administered through OptumRx as of January 1, 2019. All health plan members will receive new Harvard Pilgrim ID cards in the mail in late December. Your prescription drug coverage will be included on your new health plan ID card. OptumRx will mail health plan members a welcome kit in late December to get you started.

Dental Plans

Smith has made two improvements to the dental plans effective January 1. First, white fillings will be covered under both dental plans. In addition, there will no longer be restrictions on implants under the High plan (currently, the High plan requires healthy teeth on either side of the implant.)

Vision Plan

There have been no changes made to the vision plan for 2019.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

If you want to have a Health Care FSA and/or a Dependent Care FSA for 2019, you must log into your account (or register for an account) at Benefits Strategies’ website at Please refer to the enrollment instructions below.

What You Need To Do for Open Enrollment

If Newly Electing or Making Changes to Health, Dental or Vision

This is your annual chance to enroll in health, dental or vision plans, add or drop a dependent, switch plans, or drop a plan.* Please complete both sides and sign the 2019 Open Enrollment Form. All forms must be returned to Human Resources no later than noon on Wednesday, November 21.

2019 Open Enrollment Form

*Please keep in mind that if you currently have double coverage, you do not need to complete an Open Enrollment form to correct your deduction tiers for 2019. Smith will automatically put you in the correct tier.

High Deductible Health Plan Instructions

If you are enrolling in the new HDHP with HSA ...

  • and you wish to make voluntary contributions to your HSA starting with the first pay period in 2019, please submit an HSA Enrollment Form (below) with your 2019 Open Enrollment Form.
  • please arrange to meet with Lynn Cocco or Tina Benoit before November 21 to complete your HDHP and HSA enrollment.

No Changes for 2019?

If you are not making any changes to your health, dental and vision insurance, or if you are continuing to waive these plans, you do not have to do anything. Your current elections will simply continue at the 2019 premium rates. Keep in mind that if you currently have double coverage, you do not need to complete an Open Enrollment form to correct your deduction tiers for 2019. Smith will automatically put you in the correct tier.

Remember, if you want an FSA for 2019, you must enroll online. Also, all employees covering a spouse, ex-spouse or children on any Smith benefit (including OneCards) must submit the 2019 Dependent Eligibility Certification even if you aren’t making any changes.

Non-Benefits-Eligible Employees

For those employees who are not benefits-eligible, you’ll find health insurance options through the Commonwealth Health Connector by calling 1-877-MA-ENROLL (1-877-623-6765) or by visiting