Arrivals, Departures & Transfers

The Office of Human Resources produces a monthly arrivals and departures list for the Smith community. Each month's list will be announced via eDigest.

Arrivals (January 2019)

Matthew Cummings – Museum of Art

Deborah Day – Center for Community Collaboration

Lara De Lucca – Registrar’s Office

Catherine Lee Hannula – Libraries

Shelley Latham – Theatre

Vanessa Perez – Center for Early Childhood Education

Laurie Rohrer-Wildhagen – Health Services

Lauren Shea-Warner – Museum of Art

Victoria Trofimova – Center for the Environment 

Daniel Vahaba – Psychology

Micah Walter – Libraries

Departures (January 2019)

Andrew Egan – Center for Early Childhood Education

Alyssa Grant – Human Resources

Thomas Laughner – Information Technology Services

Roger Mosier – Facilities Management

Diana Nazario – Facilities Management

Shauna Pevato – Counseling Services

Retirements (January 2019)

Wayne Cernak – Facilities Management

Patricia Wheeler – College Relations

Promotions and Transfers (January 2019)

Donald Andrew — Class Deans Office

Marlene Musante – Campus School

Rachel Siegel – Provost/Dean of the Faculty