Arrivals, Departures & Transfers

The Office of Human Resources produces a monthly arrivals and departures list for the Smith community. Each month's list will be announced via eDigest.

Arrivals (June 2018)

Ellen M. Abrams – Clark Science Center Administration
Stockroom Services Specialist

David D. Andrews – Museum of Art
Visitor Services Assistant

Danielle Carrabino – Museum of Art
Curator of Painting & Sculpture

Rachael B. McCollom – Psychology
Research Assistant

Departures (June 2018)

Russel Altamirano – Museum of Art

David T. Carreon Bradley – Inclusion, Diversity & Equity

Gretel Liesi Clarke – Biological Sciences

Robert M. Dunn – Facilities Management

Harold R. Jordan – Counseling Services

Emily Allison Lees – Campus School

Tammy L. Lockett – Information Technology Services

Amanda D. MacLeod – Libraries

Aymeric Pellé – Computer Science

Katherine Rowe – Provost/Dean of Faculty

Melissa Torres – Biological Sciences

Retirements (June 2018)

Carla M. Coffey – Athletics

Karen Healy Denno – Admission

Barbara C. Polowy – Libraries

Promotions and Transfers (June 2018)

Deanna E. Dixon – Dean of Admission

Lynn M. Hersey – Senior Coach of Basketball, Athletics