Hires, Departures, Transfers

The Office of Human Resources produces a monthly arrivals and departures list for the Smith community. Each month's list will be announced via eDigest.

Arrivals (November & December 2020)

Clark Geiling - Campus School

Teri Little - Information Technology Services

Wendy Martinez - Student Financial Services

Kimberly Nault - Campus School

Libby Wehmiller - Admissions

Departures (November & December 2020)

Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Abtahi - Engineering

Suzanne Brown - School for Social Work

Benjamin D. Capistrant - School for Social Work

Robert W. Crowe - Facilities Management

Maria del Mar Farina de Parada - School for Social Work

Reihonna Frost-Calhoun -School for Social Work

Adina Giannelli - Study of Women and Gender

Simon Halliday - Economics

John Hull - School for Social Work

Debra B. Hull - School for Social Work

Eva Jaffe - Campus School

Jennifer Marie Kurtz - School for Social Work

Gwendolyn Martin - Campus School

Carolyn Mak - School for Social Work

Ajna Maric - Dining Services

Maggie Newey - Museum of Art

Liat L. Shklarski - School for Social Work

Retirement (November & December 2020)

Charles Amass - Chemistry

Louis T. Bach - Facilities Management

Joseph W. Bacis - Dining Services

Randall K. Bartlett - Economics

Chrissie Bell - Classical Languages & Literature

Elizabeth A. Bigwood - Alumnae Relations

Celine P. Burgielewicz - Admissions

Margi Caplan - Museum of Art

Dennis P. Carey - Facilities Management

Deedee Cleveland - Admissions

John C. Climie - Facilities Management

Katherine Louise Curtis - Dining Services

Sidonia M. Dalby - Admissions

Glenn Douglas Delisle - Dining Services

Sandra Jean Dix - Facilities Management

Donna Ewell - Clark Science Center Administration

Kevin F. Forrestall - Facilities Management

Randy O. Frost - Psychology

Daniel K. Gardner - History

Elise Gibson - College Relations

Nancy L. Hall - Dining Services

Juliet A. Hansen - Development

Sandra Hennessy - Dining Services

James Hume - Art

Margaret R. Jessup - Libraries

Susan J. Karowski - Facilities Management

Donna M. Kortes - Clark Science Center Administration

Karen V. Kukil - Libraries

David Brian Laprade - Facilities Management

Martha Lees - Campus School

Ann Leone - French Studies

Deborah Marie Letourneau - Admissions

Trish Mailler - Libraries

Scott Messinger - Campus School

Lyn Minnich - Provost's Office

Paul D. Mock - Facilities Management

Chester S. Monska - Facilities Management

Steven J. Monteiro - President's Office

Jan Morris - Dean of Students

Lynette R. Murphy - Facilities Management

Roberta Murphy - Campus School

Clifton J. Noble - Music

David Perez - Facilities Management

Rocco Piccinino - Libraries

Peg Pitzer - College Relations

Barbara E. Rejniak - Development

Tierney E. Richi - Dining Services

Kirsten Ritter - Information Technology Services

Avril Russell - Human Resources

Christina M. Ryan - Libraries

Elizabeth A. Sheirer - Libraries

Jenny Silver - Human Resources

Stephen A. Sojkowski - Botanic Garden

Charles P. Staelin - Economics

Christopher Stetson - Center for Early Childhood Education

Nancy A. Streeter Howes - Alumnae Relations

Nora A. Sweeney - Center for Early Childhood Education

Nancy Ann Subocz - Student Financial Services

Kathleen G. Tobin - Development

Doreen E. Underdue - School for Social Work

Janie M. Vanpée - French Studies

Diane L. Warren - Dining Services

Diana L. Wheeler - Student Financial Services

Joy Williamson - Development

Robin Jean Wood - Facilities Management

Pamella F. Wright - Facilities Management

Susan Zachary - Dean of the College Office

Marlene Znoy - Libraries