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Development Staff

Name Title/Department Phone
Beth Raffeld Vice President For Development 413-585-2053
Betsy Adams Administrative Assistant 413-585-2690
Amy Altwarg Associate Director of Development 413-585-2664
Kamlyn Allman Gift Planning Coordinator 413-585-2035
Christine (Tina) Barsby Senior Philanthropic Officer 413-585-2682
Susan Bauhan Program Administrator, Smith Executive Education 413-585-2642
Alex Bradspies Director, Research 413-585-2660
Danielle Brown Assistant Director for International Advancement  413-585-2676
Betsy Carpenter Director of Development 413-585-2052
Jacqueline DeFelice Director of International Development 413-585-2090
Sandra Doucett Associate Vice President for Development 413-585-2686
Timothy Enman Advancement Systems Analyst 413-585-2041
Dawn Faucher SSW Alumni Relations & Development Director 413-585-7964
Patrick Fenton Enrollment & Technology Manager, Smith Executive Education 413-585-4695
Jodi Fallon Fern Assistant Director for Milestone Reunions 413-585-4407
Kate Fyhr Senior Development Assistant 413-585-2053
Patricia (Trish) Gaspar Program Assistant, Smith Fund 413-585-2057
Diane Garvey Senior Researcher 413-585-2659
Mary Giles Development Communications Specialist 413-585-2675
Allison Gomes Philanthropic Officer 413-585-2661
Maya Gounard Advancement Data Assistant 413-585-2611
Melanie Gulow Administrative Coordinator, Corporate and Foundation Relations & Donor Relations 413-585-4209
Katherine Hall Associate Director, Smith Executive Education 413-585-2586
Juliet Hansen Administrative Assistant, Individual Gifts 413-585-2175
Maria Held Smith Fund Director 413-585-2044
Christine Carr Hill Associate Director of Gift Planning 413-585-2665
Marissa Hoechstetter Director of Donor Relations and Development Communications 413-585-4400
Ashley Keedy Assistant Director of Donor Relations 413-585-2688
Patricia Kingston Advancement Data Assistant 413-585-2684
Lynn Korza Assistant Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations 413-585-4048
Lou Ann Krawczynski Senior Development Resources Administrator 413-585-2678
Anne-Marie LaFosse Stewardship Specialist 413-585-2068
Sharon Looney-Armstrong Assistant Director, Smith Fund 413-585-2059
Janice McDowell Advancement Data Assistant 413-585-2681
Pamela McNulty Senior Philanthropic Officer 413-585-4419
Laura Metallo Assistant Director, Smith Fund 413-585-2097
Laure Morris Senior Philanthropic Officer 413-585-2055
Iris Newalu Director, Smith Executive Education 413-585-2798
Molly Parr Stewardship Officer, Donor Relations 413-585-2650
Kimberly Philbrook Program Coordinator, Smith Fund 413-585-2038
Barbara Rejniak Senior Assistant Director, Smith Fund 413-585-2063
Kathy Robbins Administrative Assistant, Individual Gifts 413-585-4295
Rich Rodgers Senior Philanthropic Officer 413-585-2065
Sam Hooper Samuels Director of Gift Planning 413-585-2694
Patricia Sawyer Senior Researcher 413-585-2683
Jennifer Smedes Assistant Director, Smith Fund 413-585-2039
Ashli Stempel Assistant Director Communications, Smith Executive Education 413-585-2583
Patti Thornton Assistant Director of Foundation Relations and Stewardship 413-585-2670
Regina Tracy Associate Vice President Individual Giving 413-585-2666
Maureen Trafford Advancement Services Director 413-585-2032
Kathleen Tobin Prospect Management Specialist 413-585-2687
Amy Wehle Senior Development Liaison to the President's Office 413-585-2673
Marea Wexler Senior Philanthropic Adviser 413-585-2672
Bill Wisnieski Advancement Systems Analyst 413-585-7573
Marilyn Woodman Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations 413-585-2679
Heather Zottoli Advancement Data Coordinator 413-585-3294