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Senior Campaign

Commencement 2016

Senior Appreciation Program

Every year, Smith seniors raise money toward a class gift that is presented to the college on Ivy Day. It's a tradition that has been going on for decades, and provides seniors the opportunity to make their first official gift to the college as a class. The Senior Appreciation Program is sponsored by The Smith Fund, the college's annual fund.

Make your gift today!
To make a gift, please visit our online giving form and select a "gift purpose" option from The Smith Fund drop-down menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Smith Fund?
The Smith Fund is the way that most alumnae, parents, and friends support the college. It is an annual fund, which means we ask for donations every year. In fiscal year 2017–18, The Smith Fund raised $12.5 million from over 13,000 donors!

Doesn't this money go to Smith's endowment?
Donations to the Senior Appreciation Program through The Smith Fund support financial aid, study abroad, sustainability, faculty support, and more. Smith Fund donations never go to the endowment--the funds are spent in the year in which they are received. This means that these funds are immediately put to use and support students today.

Can I choose where my money goes?
In fact, you can designate where within The Smith Fund (and Smith at large) your donation will be used. The Smith Fund supports financial aid, study abroad, sustainability, faculty support, and many other areas. If a designation is not indicated on your donation form, the money will be used where it is needed most for the year.

Giving money seems impersonal and I want to feel a personal connection with my donation.
Your donation is extremely personal. You're able to designate where your gift goes and help out another student who is in the same position you were. If you loved your JYA or Praxis experience, pay it forward and make that opportunity available for another student in need.

Does it matter how much I give?
Every gift, even gifts of only $5, makes a difference. If every senior made a donation of $5 the class would raise over $3,000 for students this year.