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Past Sexual Misconduct

Statement Regarding Past Sexual Misconduct by Faculty or Staff Toward Former Students

Smith College strongly condemns sexual misconduct, past and present. Such acts are contrary to the mission and values of the Smith College community. The college, therefore, affirmatively supports those former students wishing to report past sexual misconduct on the part of faculty and staff at the college.

Specifically, the college, though its institutional equity officer/Title IX coordinator (officer), is committed to providing a coordinated, timely, thorough and thoughtful response to allegations of past sexual misconduct on the part of faculty and staff towards former students at the college.

In responding to allegations of sexual misconduct involving employees, the officer will gather all relevant information possible, including speaking with the former student who is bringing the report forward. If the allegations involve a current employee, the officer will work in conjunction with the provost (for reports involving faculty) or the associate vice president for human resources (for reports involving staff), in accordance with the Gender-Based and Sexual Misconduct Policy.

In the case of allegations against individuals no longer employed by the college, the officer will determine whether the accused is deceased. If not, the officer will assess any current affiliation with the college, such as emeritus status. The officer, in conjunction with the provost or associate vice president for human resources, will chart a path to investigate the allegations brought forward. If the allegations are found more likely than not to have occurred, or what is commonly known as the preponderance of the evidence standard, recommended actions will be presented to the president and appropriate vice president or provost. Resolution of the matter may require an act of the Board of Trustees (e.g., revocation of emeritus status). To the extent permissible by law and college policy, the officer will update the complainant throughout the process.

Allegations of sexual misconduct, past or present, brought to the attention of any individual or office at Smith College, should be routed to the institutional equity officer/Title IX coordinator.