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Pathways Campus Climate Survey

Campus Climate Survey Results Presentation

Susan Rankin, senior researcher at Rankin & Associates Consulting, presented a discussion of the results of the Pathways Campus Climate Survey on Tuesday, April 18.

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View the Presentation of Pathways Survey Results (Smith login required)

For more information contact the Office of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity at 413-585-2141.

In 2016, Smith College created and conducted Pathways, a comprehensive campus survey to assess the college’s campus climate. Campus climate is a construct that is defined as the “current attitudes, behavior and standards of employees and students of an institution.” (Rankin & Reason, 2008.)

Assessing Smith’s campus climate is vital because research shows that the campus environment affects learning and developmental outcomes for students and the personal and professional development of faculty and staff. (Pascarella & Terenzini, 1991, 2005; Harper & Hurtado, 2009; Maramba & Museus, 2011; Patton, 2011; Strayhorn, 2012; Settles, Cortina, Malley and Stewart, 2006; Gardner, 2013; Jayakumar, Allen & Han, 2009.)

Purpose of the Pathways Survey

Smith conducted the Pathways campus climate survey to:

  • Bolster Smith’s goal to be an inclusive community
  • Better understand and address the needs to underserved and underrepresented members of our community
  • Surface the experiences of all members of our community
  • Provide Smith College with a comprehensive data guide and assess the strategies of inclusion, diversity and equity planning
  • Provide comprehensive data to support the creation of tangible action items to improve the campus climate


Phase One Status
Initial Proposal Meeting Completed: Fall 2015
Identify and populate focus groups Completed: January 2016
Hold focus group sessions Completed: February 29, 2016
Phase Two Status
Develop Assessment tool Completed: March–May 2016
Develop communication/marketing plan Completed: March–May 2016
Develop and submit intuitional review of assessment tool Completed: June–August 2016
Phase Three Status
Survey implementation Completed: October 2016
Data analysis Completed: November 2016–February 2017
Present results to community Completed: April 2017
Develop action plan from survey results May–October 2017