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Day-of-Conference Information & Tools

Learning Themes

Facing our challenges together

  • Examining racism and anti-blackness as a community
  • Exploring issues of class, rank and elitism
  • Exploring intersecting issues of gender, ability, sexual identity, nationality, religion and other social identities
  • Identifying structural and interpersonal barriers to equity and inclusion at Smith

Recognizing our strengths

  • Showcasing current campus inclusion and equity initiatives, best practices and projects
  • Convening talents, skills and resources and building a network of social change agents

Building connections

  • Strengthening our bonds; developing deeper empathy and embracing differences
  • Providing opportunities for intergroup dialogues
  • Affirming restorative affinity spaces and opportunities for intragroup learning

Working in accountable solidarity

  • Developing skills for effective solidarity and allyship across difference
  • Nurturing intersectional organizing and coalition building
  • Doing the personal work to unlearn oppressive beliefs and biases
  • Showing our care and love for each other by doing the hard work to make Smith better

Repairing harm

  • Acknowledging and working to mend the wounds that exist in our community
  • Working to transform the structures and behaviors that cause harm
  • Showing up for one another and taking responsibility for creating a true community of belonging

Dreaming big and taking action

  • Assessing campus needs, challenges and assets and building our future
  • Envisioning and planning for sustainable campus change
  • Honoring the joy that comes from forging authentic relationships across difference and working together toward justice and liberation

Resonance Themes

Listening resonance stems that can be used throughout Inclusion in Action:

  • I was impacted when you said...
  • It really landed with me when you said...
  • I felt connected to you when you said...
  • I was moved when you described...
  • I was right there with you when you said...
  • I was inspired when you shared...