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Campus Resources

In addition to the accommodations provided to students with documented disabilities by the Office of Disability Services, students are encouraged to use the following on-campus resources.

Assistive Technology Lab

Assistive Technology Lab combines the resources of the Office of Disability Services (ODS), the Smith College libraries and the college's Educational Technology Services (ETS). The goal of the lab is to provide the latest assistive technology for individuals with physical, visual, psychological or learning disabilities.

Available resources include assistive technology for reading and print alternatives.


The Assistive Technology Lab is located in the basement of Neilson Library. Those interested in using the lab may contact ODS for a consultation concerning the use and application of various software. To arrange a demonstration of the available technology, please contact Joanne Cameron in ETS at 413-585-3472.

The Jacobson Center for Writing, Teaching and Learning

The Jacobson Center, located in Seelye 307, offers a variety of services to help students develop skills in writing and effective learning. Jacobson Center staff make every effort to address the needs of students with learning disabilities. Writing counseling and peer subject tutoring are provided to all Smith students through the Jacobson Center.

Professional Writing Counselors

A staff of professional writing counselors is available to review student drafts, point out strengths and weaknesses, listen to new ideas, and make suggestions for improvement. In the evenings and on weekends, the same services are provided by student writing assistants stationed in the center and at other campus locations.

Tutorial Program

In the tutorial program, students seeking help with a particular subject taught at Smith are matched with student tutors who have done well in that subject and have been recommended by faculty members. All of these services are free and are used by substantial numbers of Smith undergraduates, ranging from first-year students taking their first college courses to seniors writing honors essays.

Time Management & Study Skills

The Jacobson Center also offers workshops and one-to-one sessions on time management, organization and academic study skills.

The Career Development Office

The Lazarus Center for Career Development (CDO) provides assistance to students, alumnae, Smith staff and faculty, and their families in preparing for changing career environments and climates. The CDO's professional staff offers counseling, both individually and in groups, and their services are available throughout the calendar year. They hold seminars, workshops and panel discussions that cover internships, career choice and decision-making, resumé writing, interviewing and job search techniques, alumnae networking, career presentations, applying to graduate and professional schools and for summer jobs.