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Incoming Students

If you have been newly accepted and plan to enroll at Smith, please make every effort to contact our office and register using the general registration information linked above well before you arrive on campus. Without sufficient advance notification and proper documentation, we may not be able to meet your requests or there may be delays. 


Housing accommodation requests must be submitted with appropriate documentation of a diagnosed disability no later than June 1. Please direct your care provider to our documentation guidelines.

While there is no deadline to submit a request for academic accommodations, in order to have your accommodation letter prepared prior to the first day of classes, please submit your request in advance of August 1st and plan to meet with a member of our staff over the summer. 

Please contact us by the end of June if you need supports such as sign language interpreters, alternative print materials, etc., so that the appropriate services are in place when you arrive in the fall.


Contact us directly to discuss what accommodations and services will be provided, and if you have any questions about the process. 



ODS participates in campus-wide orientation, with multiple options for engagement. A question and answer session helps students with disabilities and their parents understand how to enhance success in the Smith learning environment. It covers academic requirements and social expectations, Smith academic support and residential programs, disability services and accommodations at Smith, requirements for disability documentation, and student rights and responsibilities.



Preparing for Success at Smith

Prospective and entering students should begin as soon as possible to prepare for the demands of the academic load at Smith. Strengthening reading strategies is often the first task. Some students may need alternatives to reading print, such as text-to-speech software or the use of audiobooks. Colleges have a responsibility to make curriculum materials accessible by providing print alternatives to students who have documented disabilities that significantly impair reading, but learning to use these alternatives independently and effectively will require training and practice. 

All students should arrive at college with a reliable and effective method for reading required materials and for pursuing research to complete assignments. It is essential to talk with your teachers and/or parents and use the resources within your current school and community to find out what alternative reading options are available. It is important to learn how to use technology, improve reading strategies, and practice using reading resources before coming to Smith.

Professional assessment of your reading challenges may be necessary to determine the best methods for you. Documentation of a reading disability will help us understand how to support your learning and reading at Smith.


General Resources 

Please explore this page for additional information about support available at Smith.