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2019 Passover

Friday Evening, April 19–Saturday Evening, April 27

Smith kosher dining follows orthodox dietary laws for the High Holidays. The meat kitchen is kashered under supervision and only food approved for Passover is prepared and served.

Please note: All Kosher lunches and dinners during Passover require reservations. Any student wishing to reserve meals at the Cutter/Ziskind Kosher line MUST fill out the reservation form. It is important to note that making a reservation commits you to a meal, as our chef prepares food based on reservations.

Smith students may invite guests to join them at the Passover meal to share and understand the meaning of Passover.

* Guests who are board-paying students MUST fill out and submit their own meal-reservation form.

* Any guests who are not board-paying students should also fill out form. Guests can use a student's guest meal pass(es) or pay regular meal prices.

The Kosher line at Cutter Ziskind will be serving breakfast Monday through Saturday during Passover. Hours are 7:15-8:30 a.m. Reservations are NOT required. Reservations ARE required for Sunday brunch.

Kosher snacks will be available at Friday house teas during Passover.

More information can be found in the Passover letter from Pat Mahar, Dining Manager, and Maureen Raucher, Center for Religious and Spiritual Life.

If you find you are unable to attend a meal you have reserved, please give the dining staff at least 24 hours notice by emailing Pat Mahar at Monday through Friday, or the Kosher Kitchen at ext. 2099 on weekends.

For further information, please contact one of the references below.

Pat Mahar,
Cutter-Ziskind Kosher Kitchen x2099
Kosher Co-op Kitchen x5074
Maureen Raucher, Center for Religious and Spiritual Life, x2754

Complete and submit the following form by Tuesday, April 16, 2019.


Please check all meal(s) you are requesting and enter the number of non-board-paying guests per meal in the comments section, if any.

Please note: The following meals require registration and will not be served at Cutter-Ziskind.

A First Night Seder will be sponsored and served by the Smith College Jewish Community at Helen Hills Hills Chapel.
The Center for Religious and Spiritual Life will be hosting a pizza party in Bodman Lounge.
(I am vegetarian. I am lactose-intolerant, etc.)