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Frequently Asked Questions

For Site Administrators

The new was launched in August 2016. You can learn more about the benefits and new features in this article.

When will my office or department’s website be migrated to the new Drupal content management system?

As the website is geared primarily toward prospective students, we are prioritizing content they, as well as current students, seek. A number of administrative office sites (including the registrar and inclusion, diversity and equity) were prioritized for the August launch because their content was closely tied to the top levels of the site; a number of other "student-focused" offices, such as the class deans, Student Financial Services and Dining Services, are launching soon. Because there are more than 100 academic departments and offices, we expect this process to be ongoing throughout this academic year and summer.

How long will it take for my website content to be migrated to the new design?

If your site is fairly straightforward and doesn’t require major changes, it likely will take only a few weeks to get the content migrated into the new design, approved by your department and then made live. We will work together with your department or office before making any content live, and you will be trained in Drupal so you will be able to make edits on day one. The timeline depends upon the complexity of your site, your availability to review and approve it, and your ability to attend a training session.

Do I need any new applications to access the new website?

No, the Drupal content management system is web-based. You don’t need to install any special software; you simply log in and access the site through a browser using your existing Smith login and password. Permissions are administered by college relations.

How will I learn how to do updates and regular website maintenance?

We plan to offer training sessions to assist you in learning Drupal and working on your site.

What pages will I be able to update and maintain in the new system?

Each of your departmental pages will be "tagged" for you to edit. Ideally, it’s best to have one departmental or office web liaison responsible for overseeing your website content.

What if I want to create a new page?

Just as we do now, we will work with you to add any new pages or change menu organization.

What if I want to add or change a photo or a video?

Photos must be sized and adjusted appropriately, so you will work with us to add them. We will also assist with videos.

What if I need to change or update a document on my site?

PDFs and Word docs can be added to the content management system’s media library and updated as needed.

How do forms work in the new site?

Drupal has a forms module that will allow us to build forms within the content management system, and it’s more robust than our current system. Data is stored and can be parsed and downloaded to Excel; the results are immediately emailed to you and any other designated users.

How can I update faculty bios?

Faculty bios are centralized in the faculty directory. You will have access to the bio pages for faculty within your department. These pages are built on a standardized template. The Drupal training sessions will explain how to access these bio pages.

What if I need to have changes made to the Campus Directory?

The Campus Directory content is driven by Banner and is maintained by ITS and human resources. Any changes should be reported to Jennifer Tenczar in human resources. If you encounter a problem with the functionality of the Campus Directory, please call ITS User Support at 4487 or email the ATS group.

What do I need to know about formatting pages?

The content management system contains built-in formatting options within the editor that allow you to select the appropriate formatting for your content. We will review standard formatting options during training sessions.

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