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A Culture of Care >> Read Smith’s plans for the fall 2021 semester.

Studying Elsewhere Senior Year

If you are planning to study away from Smith College during either semester of your senior year, whether in the United States or abroad, you must fill out (separately for each major) a Senior Year Elsewhere Request Form (Word document), along with any other necessary materials for your study (transfer of credit forms, study abroad form, etc.).

When you are making your plans:

  • Meet with your adviser and department chair to discuss your plans and obtain signatures.
  • Complete a separate form for each of your majors if you have two majors.
  • Submit the completed and signed form/s to your class dean for approval.
  • Resolve any credit shortages prior to studying away your senior year.
  • Fill out the Transfer Credit Application found on the Transfer Credits page of the Registrar's website.
  • If your courses change, you must contact your adviser and your class dean to be sure that you are still on track to graduate.

If you are studying elsewhere during senior year, you are welcome to return for Commencement, but please be aware that your diploma case may be empty if Smith has not received your transcript in time. Smith will then mail your diploma after receiving your transcript.