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Smith College Connectors

The Smith Connectors is a pilot program working with the class of 2025. In conjunction with the class deans, faculty academic advisers, the team in the Lazarus Center for Career Development and a network of support services, the Smith Connectors guide first-year students as they navigate through the college. Working through a link to the houses, Connectors build relationships with students and connect them to resources as they explore opportunities in their curricular and co-curricular journeys. Connectors will walk with their cohort from the moment they arrive at Smith through their junior year.

Meet the Connectors

Alison Schoen

Clark Hall 307

Alison has been employed at Smith since 2017 and brings over six years of experience in higher education to the Smith Connectors program. In her previous role, she worked in the Office of Student Engagement, where she provided programming for all students. Alison has a master’s degree in higher education administration and also attended a women’s college for both her undergraduate and graduate schooling. She looks forward to developing the Smith Connector program into a robust and diverse opportunity for Smithies and is excited to get to know the students in her cohort to help them access Smith’s abundance of resources.


Comstock, Cushing, Emerson, Gardiner, Jordan, King, Morrow, Scales, Wilder and Wilson

Katie Wing AC ’18J

Clark Hall 304

Katie graduated from Smith as an Ada Comstock Scholar in 2018 with her degree in philosophy with a minor in ethics and a concentration in community engagement and social change. Katie rejoined the Smith community as a professional staff member in 2019 working with the Jandon Center for Community Engagement and later the Office of Student Engagement. Katie has an extensive background in inclusive community building and is excited to support students as they navigate their Smith journey, and more importantly, help them translate their experiences into meaningful goals and connections beyond the Grécourt Gates.


Capen, Chapin, Chase, Cutter, Haven, Lamont, Park, Park Annex, Parsons, Parsons Annex, Sessions, Sessions Annex, Wesley, Ziskind



Albright, Baldwin, Duckett, Gillett, Hubbard, Lawrence, Morris, Northrop, Talbot, Tyler, Washburn

You’ve Got Questions

“I am not sure if you are the person to ask this, but ...”

Many times in our meetings with students, we hear “I am not sure if you are the person to ask, but ...” and that is exactly why we are here. We might not have the specific answers to all of your questions, but we can serve as a starting point to get you connected to the people who do.

As you grow and learn more about what you would like to do in the world after Smith, we can have bigger conversations about how to help you get there. In the meantime, we can also have the smaller conversations about how to connect you to resources and opportunities now to situate you for success as you figure it out.

Get Connected!


Smith Connectors Program

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