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Past Trips

Expedition to Antarctica

Jan 15-January 28, 2020 Back by Popular Demand

Join us on a 14-day journey featuring a nine-night exclusively chartered cruise to Antarctica, Earth’s last frontier. Cruise aboard the intimate Le Boréal, one of the finest vessels in Antarctic waters. Experience “The White Continent” in its unspoiled state. Admire fantastically shaped icebergs, turquoise glaciers, bustling penguin rookeries and breaching whales.

Accompanied by the ship’s expert expedition team of naturalists, board sturdy Zodiac watercraft for excursions ashore and observe the playful antics of this region’s abundant wildlife.

Lemaire Channel

East India

Jan 9-January 24, 2020 Uniquely Smith

Travel off the beaten path to East India, a location selected by National Geographic Traveler as one of the “50 Trips of a Lifetime.” Immerse yourself in the cacophony of the city of Kolkata, the former seat of the British Raj and home to two Nobel laureates—Mother Teresa and Rabinranath Tagore.

Sunrise over Kanchanjunga Range

Egypt & The Eternal Nile

Jan 7-January 21, 2020 Wait List Only

Back by popular demand, experience an unforgettable exploration of Egypt’s inspiring history and ancient civilizations. Join Scott Bradbury, professor of classical languages and literature, on a 15-day small group journey accompanied by an expert Egyptian guide.

Egyptian sphinx

Southern Africa Odyssey

Oct 31-November 17, 2019

Journey into Southern Africa to explore the magnificence of four distinct nations: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. Experience astonishing beauty, consummate adventure and outstanding accommodations in a small group of no more than 24 guests. The “City of Gold,” Johannesburg, is the starting point for an exceptional 18-day tour.

Desert images of Southern Africa

Grand Seine River & Normandy Passage

Oct 12-October 20, 2019 Wait List Only

Join this exclusively chartered, seven-night journey as you revel in the beauty of France and gain a unique perspective on the country’s history, traveling from Paris to Honfleur. An evening illumination cruise is a prime way to see the City of Light, admiring its architecture and landmarks as you float under the graceful arches of charming bridges.

Seaside image of Honfluer

Mallorca: An Artist’s Island

Oct 9-October 17, 2019 Uniquely Smith

This fall join a small group of alumnae on a uniquely curated experience to an island paradise. A shining jewel set in a silver sea, the island of Mallorca lies in the Mediterranean, off the eastern coast of Spain.

Mallorca Beach

Ancient Empires

Sep 26-October 4, 2019

Discover the intriguing mélange of cultures that flourished in the wake of ancient empires on this exclusively chartered cruise to the resplendent shores of Italy, Sicily and Malta. Cruise for seven nights from Rome to Valletta, Malta, aboard the newest five-star expedition ship, Le Bougainville, with only 92 suites and staterooms, each with a private balcony.

Taormina Teatro Greco in Italy


Sep 25-October 3, 2019

Experience life in Italy’s southern region of Apulia, where views of the sparkling Adriatic Sea vie with picture-perfect towns for your attention. Spend seven nights in seaside Polignano a Mare and venture out to discover the unique character of this region.

Hillside of Apulia

Ancient Greece

Sep 23-October 6, 2019 Wait List Only

Unearth the grandeur of the ancient world on this 14-day journey combining prominent archaeological sites with the beauty and lore of the Aegean and its isles. The ancient world comes alive in Athens, Nafplio, Crete and Santorini as your small group celebrates the glory that was Greece—and still is today.


Cruising the Adriatic

Sep 8-September 19, 2019 Wait List Only

Over the course of many millennia, a succession of civilizations—from the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires to the Crusades and the Renaissance—swept across the Eastern shores of the Adriatic Sea, leaving behind a wealth of architectural and cultural treasures. In a region well worth exploring for its natural beauty alone, you will visit spellbinding archaeological sites, impressive cathedrals, dramatic palaces and ancient city centers that illuminate the layered history of the Dalmatian Coast.

The Galapagos Islands

Aug 21-August 28, 2019

Join fellow alumnae as we explore the Galapagos Islands—one of the most biologically unique places on earth. Undiscovered by Europeans until the 16th century, the Galapagos Islands hold a central position in modern history as the birthplace of the theory of evolution. Designated the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978, the Galapagos Islands are home to a fascinating array of wildlife inhabiting an unspoiled ecosystem, living in harmony with their human visitors.

Sealife in the Galapagos

Waterways of Russia

Aug 2-August 13, 2019

Discover the timeless pageantry and traditional folkways of Russia along the scenic rivers, lakes and canals that link St. Petersburg with Moscow. Cruise with fellow alumnae on this six-night voyage aboard the exclusively chartered, deluxe, 90-passenger Volga Dream during this carefully crafted itinerary.

St. Isaac Cathedral in Russia