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Entrepreneurship is grass-roots economic development.

Whether you have a great business idea, want to be an entrepreneur or a venture capitalist, or simply want to explore self-employment options and what being your own boss would be like, we hope you will check out our workshops throughout the year.

The Debbie Farrington '72 - Start Up Weekend:$50 Challenge

How much money can YOUR team make when we loan you $50?

5 Team Members * 5 Days to Plan * 5 Hours to Operate

This is a fun, intense, team-based activity where you get to learn by doing and let out your inner entrepreneur... and the chance to make money! Come up with business ideas to take advantage of customers visiting for family weekend. Teams get to keep 75% of profit and donate 25% of profit to the campus organization of their choice.

The teams operated on 10/25 & 10/26 on campus during Family Weekend. The WFI thanks everyone for their support and for helping the teams in their endeavors to learn entrepreneurship and how to earn money for a Smith organization!


The Smith College Draper Business Plan Competition is designed to introduce Smith students to the skills they need to plan and launch a viable start-up company. As part of this hands-on experience, students will learn frameworks within which to evaluate the sustainability of their ideas and how to present their business plan to potential investors.