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STRESS: Management

There are ways to manage your stress level in college that are helpful once you graduate as well. Some short term ways to handle stress are simple and fast!

  1. Smile!
  2. Laugh!
  3. Make a list of reasons to be happy or what you are grateful for in that moment.
  4. Count to ten! Just like counting sheep before bed…
  5. Stand up and DANCE!
  6. Stand up and STRETCH!
  7. Stand up and BELT OUT A SONG!
  8. Take a walk outside or around the building you’re in.
  9. Get a drink of water or seltzer.
  10. Have a delicious mug of decaf tea or coffee.
  11. Take a thought break! Do some facebooking or read an article online. Surf the Wellness website.
  12. Take a power nap for 20 minutes.
  13. Blast your favorite song.
  14. Go for a run or use the Smith gym!
  15. Take a bubble bath.
  16. Call a friend and catch up.
  17. Schedule a massage, manicure, or pedicure.
  18. Snack on some fruit or healthy carbs.
  19. Watch your favorite show.
  20. Practice mindful breathing.
  21. Scream.
  22. Squeeze a stress ball.
  23. Scribble.
  24. Chew gum to relieve jaw tension.
  25. Sit up straight instead of slouching in your chair.
  26. Read the comics.
  27. Check Smith’s schedule of activities for an event to attend.
  28. Do a craft or color.

Take a break and visit one of these websites:

Here are some additional tips for managing school-related stress:


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