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ALCOHOL: How Much to Drink?

Knowing how much alcohol to drink can be very difficult, especially to those who do not regularly consume alcohol. The amounts consumed are particularly important because there is a definitive plateau in drinking after which further consumption not only doesn't help contribute to “getting a buzz” but actually pushes the person drinking into the dysphoric and depressed state commonly referred to as “getting drunk.”

Because the plateau after which drinking is no longer pleasurable is reliant on a number of factors, you should always be aware of how drinking another drink will affect you. A useful resource for this is this chart that shows increases in your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) and how it increases for each standard drink you consume. Always bear in mind that metabolism also plays a role in how your body processes alcohol, so you may process alcohol faster or slower than your friends. When you review the chart, keep in mind that a standard drink may be defined very differently than what you might consider a reasonable portion of alcohol to be. Do you know what a standard drink is?

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