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Instituto Latinoamericano de Museología
From the homepage, the visitor selects a Latin American country. Each country's page provides a list of sites for the cultural, historic, or science related museums located in the country , as well as a map of Latin America, highlighting the particular country. The site and most of its links are in Spanish.

ICOM: Virtual Library Museum Pages: Museums in Latin America:
An index to the sites of the principal museums of Latin America, listed by country. The page is bilingual, and most of the links are in Spanish.

Cultural Readings: Colonization and Print in the Americas/Penn Library Exhibitions
Site summarizes an exhibition of the collections of the Jay I. Kislak Foundation and the Rosenbach Museum and Library at the University of Pennsylvania Library. Includes numerous images of printed works from the colonial period, which appear as thumbnails with text and can be enlarged for closer viewing. In English.

Museum of Spanish Colonial Art
Site includes some art related glossary terms, which link to pages with more in-depth descriptions and images. In English.

Mexico: From Empire to Revolution
Contains many beautiful black and white photographs (which can be enlarged for better viewing) accompanied by historical information. Focus is largely post-colonial. The site is accessible in either Spanish or English.


Internet Modern History Sourcebook: Colonial Latin America
Links to sites and multiple documents relating to colonial Latin America. A good place to look for primary sources in translation. In English.

Sources and General Resources on Latin America
Contains helpful bibliographic information and extensive lists of links to Latin American/Latin American related databases and informational sites. Oberlin's page is in English, although the links may be either English or Spanish.

La América Española Colonial
Contains historical information concerning colonization. Text in Spanish, with illustrations.

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Project at Dartmouth
Contains the complete works and chronology of the life of the "Poet Nun" Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, as well as a digital reconstruction of the first (non-textual) pages of Fama y obras posthumas (1700). The site is in English, her works are in the original Spanish.

Colonial Latin America
Good collection of documents and images from the colonial period, accompanied by a chronology including significant dates between AD 711 and 1825. Nice layout and easy to use. In English.

Advanced Research in Latin American Studies
This homepage links to several sites containing a variety of primary sources or information regarding primary sources, including access to government, library, and university collections. The site itself is in English, as are most of the links.

Spanish Colonial Treasury Data Bank
Access to Real Hacienda accounts, which contain records of taxes, fees, accounts, etc., arranged by branches of the royal treasury (cajas). Although in text, the text is in a code specific to the site, explained in a "Code book" link, formatted in columns to be downloaded onto spreadsheets. In English.

E-Journal: UNAM
E-Journal is an electronic library with full-text access to selected journals published by Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. In Spanish.


LANIC: Latin American Network Information Center
Primarily a database for other links regarding a variety of topics within Latin America. See especially those listed under the homepage categories of "Libraries," "Social Sciences," and "Society and Culture." LANIC itself is in English, but many of the links are in Spanish.

Arts and History: Virtual Forum of Mexican Culture
Contains links to sites concerning various aspects of Mexican culture. Links are mainly Spanish.

Don Mabry's Historical Text Archive: Latin America
Links to articles written about Latin America. Most of the pieces concern post-colonial topics, but some, such as the account of colonial Lima, could be useful. The site, and most of the links, are in English.



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