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Your Smith network password
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Smith's information security programs and policies

Your Smith Network Password

To change your Smith network password, go to:

Note that the rules for constructing a new network password have changed. Your current password will continue to work indefinitely, but as of January 14, 2014, if you choose to reset it, your new password must be at least 14 characters long.

This change reflects new research showing that a sufficiently long password is harder to hack than a shorter password, even a very strong shorter password. For more information, click here.

To make your new long password easy to remember, you can now use any combination of letters (upper or lower case), numbers, or special characters* you want anything except your first name, last name, or username.

*Allowable special characters are those that can be entered using a standard English QWERTY keyboard, with or without the Shift key.

So try out your favorite song lyric, your lucky numbers, or a friend's childhood street address, as long as you end up with at least 14 characters.

If you forget your password, go to:

Note that you cannot use this method unless you have already set up your challenge questions (see below). If you have, click the link above, enter the verification code on the screen, then follow the prompts to answer your challenge questions and reset your password.

Click here to choose or change your challenge questions

To choose or change your challenge questions, click the link above and enter the verification code displayed on the screen, then provide answers to any four of the ten challenge questions listed.

Note that you must select and answer exactly four challenge questions, no more and no less. Each answer must be at least 5 characters long and cannot contain any of the words in the question itself.


Your Smith network account provides access to a vast array of web-based services and information. With the advent of the Smith Portal and synchronized email passwords, your Smith network password serves as the gateway to more, and more valuable, information than ever, including:

  • Your Smith email, calendars, contacts, and Google Docs
  • Personal information, financial records, and academic data stored in your BannerWeb account
  • Pharos printing services
  • Access to the Smith's secure wireless networks
  • Any files you store on a Smith network server, including Sophia
  • Any files your store in your Smith cloud-based Box account
  • Assignments, discussion threads, documents, and grades stored in your Moodle account
  • Library resources from off-campus and your 5-College library account

The associated risks

Unfortunately, with the addition of each new service accessible via your Smith username and password comes greater vulnerability to password theft and possible:

  • Exposure of your personal information
  • Identity theft
  • Theft of your intellectual property
  • Liability for misuse of your account by another person

Hackers typically enter a legitimate Smith user name, then try to guess the password for that account. But if you choose a long enough password, protect it wisely, and change it periodically, you are helping to safeguard not only your own data, but also the entire Smith network.

For help in understanding Smith's account password and security policy and guidance in choosing an optimal password, see:

Account Password & Security Policy Essentials
This document provides an overview of Smith's Account Password & Security Policy along with additional recommendations on password management and handling.

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BannerWeb & Banner

Accessing your BannerWeb account
This document explains how to use the Smith Portal to access BannerWeb and provides alternate instructions for users without a Smith network/email account.

Banner INB administrative system password

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